Saturday, February 16, 2013


Good morning everyone out there in the morass known as cyberspace. I hope the beginning of your weekend was awesome because Billi Pod’s certainly was ... so ... why don’t we find out why ...

It is simple ... because last night’s entertainment event was totally 110% wonderful ...

TWO BY TWO @ The York Theatre, the Richard Rodgers musical, starring Jason Alexander and Tovah Feldshuh, about Noah and the building of the Ark==>A

The show is part of the York Theatre Company's Musicals in Mufti Series and it is amazing to me how the cast can put on such a polished performance with only 30-hours of rehearsal time. 

Jason Alexander was simply amazing, especially as he transitions from an older Noah to a younger (all relative of course) version and then back to the older Noah. And what’s not to like about the incomparable Tovah Feldshuh as the often hilarious Esther. There is such positive chemistry between them. The rest of the cast is also excellent.

The house was sold-out and everyone seemed to be really enjoying the show even though the 2:30 running time seems just a bit long. The second act moves very quickly.

I have seen a lot of the Mufti shows and I rank this in the TOP-5, without a doubt. It is sold out for all of the remaining performances.

So ... congrats again to Jim Morgan and his amazing staff ... you guys do a wonderful job==>thank you!!

Moving on to today ...

Billi Pod has a doubleheader for today that, in review, seems to be kinda on the heavy side. What am I talking about I know you are all asking your inner selves?

Well ... selves ... this is the schedule ... read on and then see if you agree with my assessment ...

3:00==>SECRETS: The Untold Story of Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung - “The intense personal and professional relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung in the early years of psychoanalysis, 1907 - 1913. Based on the 1000 letters shared by Freud and Jung. (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This show is playing at the Abingdon Theatre complex on West 36th Street, as is my show for the evening.

At this point I am uncertain whether I will come back to PHC or spend the time walking and wandering ... we will see ...

The evening's show is ...

8:00==>BODEGA BAY - “Nobody notices or remembers Louise Finch. With her life in shambles, this shy and awkward soul who has never ventured beyond Staten Island, sets out into the dangerous unknown to find the mother who left her and her troubled brother years earlier.” (Off Broadway - $9 TDF ticket).

Well ... selves ... what do you think? It does sound kinda heavy doesn’t it.

Moving on ...

Even though my theater-buddy Marty Kosarik is allegedly somewhere down in that wilderness known as West Virginia, I still feel I have an obligation to fulfill his need(s) for information on the sports scene in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World ... so ... the following is for you Marty ...

Now ... I will share with you loyal and faithful readers and followers a followup report on the new Yankee Kevin Youkilis aka WTF? 

As you remember from yesterday’s posting, I reported that he had said: “I’ll always be a Red Sox.” These are the headlines in today’s papers in round two of his foot-in-the-mouth start as a Bronx Bomber.

“NEW YOUK. After pledging loyalty to Sox, Kevin now says he’s proud to be Yankee.” - back page of the Daily News

“BLUE BLOODED. Red-faced Youk: I’m 100% Yankee.” - back page of the New York Post

“For Youkilis, a Second Try On His First Impression.” - inside sports section of the New York Times

Oh, the drama. And, who do the Yankees open their season against? Why, of course, the Boston FuckSox on Monday, April 1st, in Yankee Stadium. God help Youkilis if he has anything less than a stellar performance in that 3-game series.

Stay tuned, folks, it is only going to get better ...


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.20 miles (or, 9,190 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,145.13 miles 


Billi Pod
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