Friday, February 22, 2013

Capitol Steps Tonight==>Oh Yes!!

Friday==>another cold and windy day here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World==>27º @ 8:30am. Oh well ... at least it’s TGIF for all of my Worker Bee friends out there in the workplace miasma.

Billi Pod is happy to report to you loyal and faithful readers and followers that last night’s entertainment event ...

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA @ Avery Fisher Hall==> was totally enjoyable, except for the first piece called "Phantasmata" by Christopher Rouse, who is the current Composer-in-Residence with the Philharmonic. It was another piece of atonal dreck that got only a very tepid round of applause, even when Rouse came on stage.

Of course, the highlight of the evening was the final number, Brahms Symphony No. 1, which was performed beautifully and received a standing ovation.

Tonight’s entertainment event is going to be a L O T of fun ...

8:00==>CAPITOL STEPS @ Town Hall - “A troupe of current and former Congressional staffers perform a political musical satire about events and personalities on Capitol Hill, the Oval Office, and other centers of power.” (Off Broadway - discounted TDF ticket)

I have seen this group perform multiple times and they can be gut-busting funny even when dealing with serious issues. Really looking forward to this.

BREAKING NEWS==>I have just learned that my longtime friend Bud Coker of Lakeland, FL, has passed away. Our friendship began over 45 years ago. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Louise, grandson Henry Allen Coker aka Hac and granddaughter Sarah Coker.

Rest In Peace, Bud, you will be missed.

Moving on ...

Yes, spring training is now fully underway and the Yankees will play their first game on Saturday afternoon against Atlanta but it won’t be on TV, dammit. On Sunday afternoon they will play Toronto @ 1:05pm and that will be carried on YES and MLBN.

For these games there will be a switch in the outfield. Curtis Granderson will go to left field and Brett Gardner will move to center field. It is reported that Manager Joe Girardi is seriously considering this switch for the regular season.

And a final Yankee note==>preliminary talks are underway between Robinson Cano’s agent, the hated Scott Boros, and Yankee management over terms and conditions of a major contract extension, involving huge bucks over mega-years. Is there another Alex Rodriguez-like contract fiasco in the making? Jus askin’?

On that happy note ... 


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.76 miles (or, 8,220 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,164.17 miles


Billi Pod
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