Thursday, June 3, 2010

Billi Pod's May 2010 Stats - Awesome!!

When I did the paperwork to accumulate the stats for the month of May 2010 I was certain that the highlight of the month, the successful cataract surgery on my right eye, would impact the numbers, due to prep time, recovery etc. etc. Man, was I mistaken. The raw numbers are so impressive that I doubled-checked them just to be certain they are correct and they are. OK, now, take a deep breath my loyal and faithful readers, because here they come --

In checking my daily log (log, not diary - real guys don’t keep diaries) I find that during the month of May 2010 Billi Pod attended/saw/did the following:

2 Broadway shows (Everyday Rapture and American Idiot); 16 Off Broadway shows; 2 New York Philharmonic concerts; 2 movies (MacGruber and Shrek Forever After-iMax 3D); and 8 Yankee baseball games - their record for those games - 5 wins and 3 losses. Go Yankees!!

Was able to spend some quality time with retired Circuit Judge Susan Roberts and her husband retired attorney Dan Brawley of Lakeland, FL, who were in The City for their annual opera binge.

As I said, the highlight of the month occurred on May 20th when I was finally able to have the oft-postponed cataract surgery on my right eye. Surgery on the left eye was done on January 19th and the right eye was initially scheduled for February 19th. Unfortunately, the ensuing liver problems resulted in multiple postponements. The two eyes were at war in the interim and it was very unpleasant. Coordinating between the liver doctor, the heart doctor, the eye doctor, and the eye hospital was also very unpleasant and extremely frustrating. Thankfully, all of that ended on the 20th. Now I am happy to report that the eyes are at peace with one another and the recovery process is virtually complete. At this time I am glasses-free. Have an appointment in late June to determine if that will continue. I think I will probably need reading glasses.

I have to give another major shout-out to Scott Reed for his willingness to take time off from his responsibilities as General Manager of the trendy Los Feliz to be with me in the recovery room after surgery and then with me back to PHC. THANK YOU SCOTT - YOU ARE INDEED A FRIEND!!

Also, I am very happy to report that I am now Hepatitis B free - thank God!! - and the lever functions have returned to normal (obviously). I have experienced no problems what-so-ever with my right forearm and I am doing the exercises as directed. Health summary - Billi Pod feels fine mentally and physically.

I also posted daily on my FaceBook wall @

The major downside for the month was the Times Square bomb plot. It was scary, of course, but no way was Billi Pod going to let those MotherF**king assholes impact on his love for living in The Greatest City in the World.

You know the most amazing stat? It is this - despite the eye surgery and some nasty weather there were only 3 (yes 3) days/nights where Billi Pod stayed in apartment PHC without attending some entertainment event. Yep, I think that is pretty awesome, but it is up to you loyal and faithful readers to determine because ...

I only report - you decide.

Billi Pod

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