Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Monday To My Worker Bee Friends

Yeah, I know all of my Worker Bee friends ... the weekend is over and you are all now back at your mundane, boring, dead-end jobs, whining, bitching and moaning to your fellow coworkers about the unfairness of your drab and empty lives.

I also know that you are asking yourself ... “Self, why can’t I be like Billi Pod and have a fabulous lifestyle in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World?”

Well ... if you will listen, Self is gonna say ... “It ain’t ever gonna be because loser-boy/girl you are, and always will be ... a Worker Bee ... so, just get over it.”

Yes, I know ... the truth sometimes hurts but this is my responsibility as a fair and unbiased reporter.

Now ... moving on to my report on my “fabulous” doubleheader yesterday ...


My $9.00 TDF set was again excellent, second tier box seat, house right.

The first part of the program was a series of childrens' choral groups from around the country and the energy and excitement in the audience was palatable.

Seated next to me was a family from Knoxville, TN, whose 11yr old daughter/granddaughter was in one of the groups. Their camera suddenly died and they were distraught, to put it mildly. Yes, you aren’t supposed to take photos in Carnegie Hall but people do it all the time at this kind of family-oriented concert.

Well, even though they were University of Tennessee Volunteer’s, Billi Pod took out his iPhone and took several pictures for them. They were extremely appreciative when I immediately emailed the pics to them. Ain’t technology great?

The second part of the program was Mozart’s “Requiem,” performed by a 300+ chorus (the picture). It was sublimely beautiful.

The concert was over at 4:45 and I had a smile on my face as I left Carnegie Hall. I had planned to just walk and wander in the Midtown East area until it was time for my 7:30 show. Dammit ... it started to lightly rain and it was really unpleasant.

Despite this, I did walk a good bit. Went to my favorite pizza place, a Ray Bari at 56th and 3rd, and had a great slice ... and then headed over to the Barnes & Noble in the Citicorp Building to kill some more time. Damn, they closed down at 6:00pm, so I spent the next 90 minutes wandering around in a light misty rain. Kinda dumb, I know, but this is what I did.

Finally, it was time for my evening’s entertainment event.

Before the show I ran into my friends Michael Pederson and Dennis Dohman. As many of you loyal and faithful readers know, we go way way back. Michael and Dennis have again invited me to join them for Easter Dinner at 6:00pm on Sunday at their Chelsea apartment. I think they will be hosting a crew of about 13.

Billi Pod’s report card on ROADSIDE: Musical’s In Mufti, about two old-west characters who refuse to settle down==>B.

An excellent cast and performance. The book and music is just passable, however, it was still a nice evening’s entertainment and a nice way to end a very enjoyable day and weekend.

Today is a much nicer day weather-wise in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, although it is still windy and cold==>41ยบ @ 8:00am.

This will be my usual errands and stuff day. I have a very routine appointment with my eye doctor at 2:15pm this afternoon so I am not certain if I will post this before or after seeing her. We will see (no pun intended).

Tonight’s entertainment event will be, without a doubt, in the “love-it or hate-it” category ...

7:00==>HA! A TRIO OF COMEDIES BY RICH ORLOFF - “Three acclaimed one-act comedies make one hilarious evening: OEDI - a farcical retelling of the Oedipus Rex story; THE NEWS FROM ST. PETERSBURG - a Chekhovian spoof set in 1905 Russia; and, THE WHOLE SHEBANG - what if the entire universe was just some nerd's science project? (Off Broadway - $9.00 TDF ticket)

Yeah ... I know ...

Well, have things and stuff to do ... so ...


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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