Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goodbye 2014==>Hello 2015 - New York Philharmonic Concert - Awesome Walking Stats

Thursday==>HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the boondocks, hinterlands and wastelands, from your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

May 2015 be a wonderful year for you, your friends and your loved-ones.

I am so happy to report that last night’s concert, NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC @ Avery Fisher Hall, New Year’s Eve Gala - A Gershwin Celebration, featuring Jazz great Dianne Reeves and Broadway leading man Norm Lewis, was a totally enjoyable way to say farewell to 2014 and to usher in 2015.

The evening, broadcast live on PBS, featured Gershwin suites, overtures and his unforgettable classic standards, lead by the always amusing and enjoyable Bramwell Tovey, whose witty banter kept the program moving along.

As expected, the house was sold out and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves, I know I certainly was.

At 9:45pm your favorite blogger left Avery Fisher Hall with a big smile on his face as he headed back to the warm and cozy confines of PHC.

I made great time back to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, found an open exit, walked against the stream of pedestrians who were heading to Times Square, and opened the door to the apartment a little after 10:00pm.

Yes, I had made it back before the madness began.

I really wasn’t that hungry, so I postponed grilling the Allen Brothers steak until today, opting instead for some pizza and stromboli I had in the ‘fridge.

When the ball in Times Square fell, signaling the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, I fell to my knees and thanked my Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, for yet another wonderful year in this amazing life I have been so blessed by Him to live. 

Then I officially welcomed in the New Year with my libation of choice - Fresca.

Moving on ...

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to most of you loyal and faithful readers and followers that Billi Pod will spend today and tonight in front of his 42” flat screen TV as a 110% college football couch-potato.

Of course, the two critical games are part of the College Football Playoff:

5:00pm==>ROSE BOWL - #2 Oregon vs. #3 Florida State. The Ducks are favored by 8 1/2 points; and,

8:30pm==>SUGAR BOWL - #1 Alabama vs. #4 Ohio State. The Tide is favored by 9 1/2 points.

These should be two very emotionally challenging and exciting games and I can hardly wait.

Billi Pod’s predictions==>Bama and The ‘Noles win.

Moving on ...

I want to close this first posting of 2015 with the really AWESOME walking stats for Billi Pod for 2014 ...

Total mileage for 2014==>1,466.76 miles (average 4.02 miles per day)

Total steps for 2014==>3,204,871

The total mileage for 2013 was 1,368.18 miles (average 3.75 miles per day) ... meaning ... in 2014 I walked 98.58 miles more.

So ... my loyal and faithful readers and followers, I humbly think these are pretty AWESOME stats for an 80+ year old guy ... but ... remember ...

I report - you decide.

Now ... time for some football ...


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.04 miles (or, 11,015 steps)

Total mileage for December==>119.67 miles (average 3.86 miles per day)

Total mileage for 2014==>1,466.76 miles (average 4.02 miles per day)

Total steps for 2014==>3,204,871


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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