Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Big Apple Is Freezing Cold - The Dog Logs - Happy Birthday Bob Kent

Saturday==>OK, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, let’s get right to it ... 

It is freezing cold this morning here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World. Yes ... at 8:30am it is 13º, with wind chill it is down to ... -4º

Yeah, that’s right ... -4º with a freezing 17-20 mph wind blowing off of the Hudson River.

It is so misleading because it is sunny with beautiful blue skies and only a few puffy clouds ... but ... man ... stick your arm out the window and you will immediately feel the difference. Brrrrrrr!!

The forecast is for the high to be in the low 20s and the wind chill to remain in the low teens.

Why all this weather news? Well ... because at the moment Billi Pod is unsure if he will even consider leaving the warm and cozy confines of his apartment to brave the elements to attend some entertainment event, either afternoon or evening.

Yeah ... I know ... I know ... but folks ... the sidewalks are icy and the wind chill is in the single digits ... is it worth going out in the elements? Is it? We will see ... 

So ... stay tuned.

Moving on to Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s entertainment event ...

The Off Broadway show ... 

THE DOG LOGS, if you have ever wondered what your dog was thinking The Dog Logs helps with the stories of eleven different dogs, brought vividly to life in monologue form==>B

The premise is interesting and that is ... we humans have no idea what our dogs are thinking, what their lives are really like and what little they understand about their masters/mistresses.

Some of the stories were funny, some sad and a few too many just dull. Overall it wasn’t nearly as funny as I had anticipated/expected.

The cast of 11 performers did an excellent job delivering their monologues.

Billi Pod says==>worth seeing with a discounted or comp. tix.

This show is playing at the Times Square Arts Center on West 43rd Street, has a running time of 1:00, without intermission, and runs through Sunday.

So ... there you have it my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... unfortunately, Billi Pod is beginning to feel the onset of cabin fever ... oh well ...

In closing==>A HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to my dear friend and fraternity brother Bob Kent of Jacksonville, FL, who is celebrating #74 today. Have a great day BK. Love to you and Chris.

Oh ... at noon it has warmed up ... yeah ... it is now 19º, with wind chill down to .


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.50 miles (or, 9,853 steps per day)

Total mileage for 2015==>124.09 miles (average 4.14 miles per day)

Billi Pod
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