Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Billi Pod’s Public Transportation Day - The Gators - The Yankees - The Donald

Tuesday==>Wow!! Yesterday was an interesting and different day for your favorite Sunshine State blogger.

What am I talking about I know you are all asking your inner selves? Well ... inner selves ... it went down like this ... stay with me ...

As I posted yesterday, I planned to spend the majority of the day getting more acquainted with the public transportation system in the greater Orlando area, which, of course, includes Winter Park ... so ... 

After doing the usual 3.0 mile morning walk and wander session in my immediate ‘hood and having the usual breakfast and papers, I headed out around 1:00pm to get a senior discount bus pass photo ID.

Took the #102 down to the Lynx Central Station in downtown Orlando. It took about 20 minutes. It cost $2.00

When I got there I had no problem getting the photo ID. I then bought a 3O-day unlimited ride discounted card for $26.00 (the same card is $56 in NYC).

Man, it was hot and muggy out so I took a free shuttle bus the 1-mile down to Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center. I wanted to go there because I have a show scheduled for one of the theaters at this venue for this Friday and I just wanted to scope things out.

Found my theater and got basically oriented with the venue, which is H U G E!!

Plans were to take the SunRail train back to Winter Park so I had about 90 minutes to kill before the next train. This was also as I had anticipated. I had planned to spend the time in a walk and wander session in the downtown business area.

Well, this wasn’t the smartest thing to do because it was really really hot and muggy. There was almost no one else walking the sidewalks ... not kidding ... almost no one.

Did I find a place to just chill? Of course not ... I spent the whole time walking and wandering, the heat be damned. It was, frankly, kinda boring ... but ... this ultimately resulted in some pretty awesome walking stats for the day (see below).

Went back to the train station area and got my one-way ticket, which cost $1.00, with the senior discount.

The SunRail commuter train arrived at the scheduled 4:27pm and in 15 minutes I was back in Winter Park, which was the 3rd stop.

Was totally impressed with the train. It was very clean. 

I walked the .5 miles back to the apartment, stopping off at the post office to check my mail.

When I got back I calculated that I had traveled a total distance, roundtrip, of 10 miles, on public transportation for a out-of-pocket cost of $3.00. If I did the same trip today the cost would be $2.00.

Yes, I am becoming comfortable with the public transportation system and I have a gut feeling that it and Uber will satisfy 95% of my transportation needs. I do plan to spend some more time this week riding the 4 lines that serve my Winter Park Village 'hood.

And, speaking of mileage ... taking into account my early morning walk, the walk and wander session in downtown Orlando, and the walk back to the apartment ... my total mileage for the day was ... gasp ... 6.87 miles. Wow!! Not bad for June in Florida.

When I got back to the apartment I was, frankly, just a bit tired. I had the usual fruit and cheese plate and then settled in for an evening of baseball, college and major league.

Well ... now the downers come into play because ... 

In The College World Series from Omaha, Neb, the Gators lost 1-0 to Virginia in a nail-biting game. 

The Gators will face the Miami ‘Canes, again, on Wednesday @ 8:00pm, on ESPN. This is an elimination game with the loser going home.


The Yankees lost 2-1 to the Marlins as righty Tom Koehler outdueled our starter Masahiro Tanaka.

With this loss the Yankees now trail the division leading Rays by 1.0 game.

Tonight at 7:10pm, from Miami, will be the second game of the 2-game series. On the mound for the Yankees (34-29) will be Nathan Eovaldi (5-1) vs. former Yankee David Phelps (3-3) for the Marlins (28-37)

Moving on to today ...

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... take a deep breath because ... your favorite blogger has decided that he needs a partial walking day-off to give his body a rest and to avoid the smoldering heat ... so ... 

This morning he only walked 1.5 miles and he in intends to stay in for the afternoon to watch baseball.

For the evening he will attend an AA meeting at a location about 1.3 miles from the apartment. He will take a bus part of the way (probably).

Breaking news==>CNN has just announced that Donald Trump has just officially launched his presidential campaign. Wow!! Now the primary elections are really going to be fun.

Bring it on The Donald ... bring it on!!

On this happy note ... 


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>6.87  miles (or, 15,031 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>679.91 miles (average 4.10 miles per day)

Billi Pod
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