Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday’s Report On RENT And Josh Grisetti

It was 34º and kinda hazy at 8:00am in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World. It is now 2:00pm and it has warmed up a bit to 45º and I just got back from doing the last of my errands, the weekly restocking trip to my grocery store, Food Emporium, located just a 1/2 block away from my building.

Why didn’t I do it yesterday, you are no doubt breathlessly asking, since Monday is Billi Pod’s usual errands and stuff day? Well ... its pretty simple ... on Tuesday Food Emporium gives a 5% discount to senior citizens over the age of 65. This is in addition to any other savings and/or discounts. Over a year’s time that 5% saving adds up to a lot of Off Broadway shows and other tickets on my ticket services ... so now you know ...

And speaking of food ... yes ... we were speaking of food ... I am happy to report that a new Gourmet Deli has just opened on 42nd Street, about a 1/2 block from my building. It is called Well Green Market and it is just the kind of place that Billi Pod cherishes because it offers a cooked-food bar and a salad bar, both at $6.99 per pound. It also offers breakfast, stir-fry, panini’s, gourmet sandwiches, hot wraps, prepared salads, custom made salads, fresh fruit and a well-stocked grocery section.

It is manned by a very nice and courteous staff of Koreans who seem very anxious to please. The lack of such an establishment has been the major quibble Billi Pod has had with his current apartment location. Now that has been taken care of ... nice ...

Last night was able to use my exchange ticket for RENT, the revival of Jonathan Larson’s award winning 1996 musical playing at the Off Broadway theater complex New World Stages. My FaceBook friend Josh Grisetti is now in the mostly new cast, in the lead role of Mark.

As you loyal and faithful readers will recall, about two weeks ago I had purchased a TDF ticket to see Josh but when I got to the theater I learned he was out of the performance due to flu. Much to my surprise the box office staff gave me the necessary information to get an exchange ticket through Telecharge and that is what came down yesterday.

When I saw the show back in December, before Josh joined the cast, I gave it a B+. Well, this time it earns an==>A.

It was a terrific performance from Josh and the basically new cast. Totally enjoyed it. The ensemble cast is excellent, especially MJ Rodriquez as Angel.

The house was about 80% full with a mostly 20s-30s highly enthusiastic audience. The sound problem I mentioned in my first posting has been corrected.

As I said earlier, this show is definitely worth seeing. I think Josh will be in the cast until at least May.

Tonight’s entertainment event is ...

7:15==>POETIC LICENSE - “A biting drama set against the cutthroat, ‘publish or perish’ world of academia, exploring how one person's past can shape his art, his family and, in this case, his future.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket).

This show is in early previews, so no advanced buzz. It is playing at the 59th Street Theatre Complex, which is, as you know, one of my favorite venues.

I will end this posting by sharing the best way I know to wish everyone a==>HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!

Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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