Sunday, February 19, 2012

Report Cards On Saturday’s Doubleheader

Good morning everyone.

I hope everyone’s weekend is going well out there in the hinterlands and boondocks.

It is bright and cold in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World==>35º @ 8:30am.

Yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader was just as different and diverse as Billi Pod had anticipated. Both shows were in his immediate ‘hood

Before the first show I met up with my theater-buddy Dian Crystal and her posse, which this time only consisted of Vera Olichney. As it turned out, our seats for the show were together and that was nice.

CQ/CX, about an up and coming reporter at The New York Times whose dreams of becoming a famous journalist come crashing down when he becomes the center of a plagiarism scandal==>A.

This show is based on the Jayson Blair “scandal” that rocked The Gray Lady in 2003. I found the story line to be intriguing as well as thought-provoking, with its rapid-fire dialogue and insider feeling. The acting is excellent and the set design terrific.

Our seats were in the front row, which I usually hate, but this time the location made us feel as if we were part of the on-stage action.

In doing a bit of background research for this posting I was somewhat surprised at the number of negative reviews, mainly focusing on how undeveloped the main character is. Well, all I can say is that Billi Pod, a fair and unbiased reporter, does not share those views ... so ...

Billi Pod says==>see this show.

When the show was over Dian and her posse, which now included Billi Pod, went to a pizza place known as Claudio Pizzeria, at the corner of 43rd Street and 10th Avenue.

Billi Pod was cajoled (when was the last time you saw that word?), or perhaps even forced, into trying a slice of eggplant pizza. As many of you know, when you are a part of Dian’s posse it is virtually impossible not to obey her commands/wishes/demands/desires.

Billi Pod tried to convince her that real men don't eat eggplant in any form but she was having none of that argument. Bottom line ... Billi Pod ordered a slice and ate all of it. In the name of fair and unbiased reporting he has to acknowledge to you loyal and faithful readers that it wasn’t as barf-inducing as he had anticipated/expected.

When we finished Dian and her posse went on a walk around the ‘hood and I came back to PHC. When they finished their walk they came up to the 41st floor and joined me in PHC, where we chilled until it was time for our second show, which was ...

8:00==>THE LADY FROM DUBUQUE by Edward Albee, a drama about the arrival of an unexpected guest and her mysterious companion giving the question ‘Who are you?’ new and desperate meaning==>B.

Lots of yelling and shouting and unbelievable interaction between characters who are supposed to be friends. For me the show was saved by the appearance of Jane Alexander in the last moments of Act 1.

Act II is much more compelling as the audience tries to answer the question “who are they?” about the unexpected guests. For Billi Pod it was a typical Edward Albee play in that it both involved him and also pissed him off at the same time.

Dian’s posse gave it a C and a C-, while our theater buddy Daniel Nickle gave it an A.

I was a bit surprised to discover in my posting preparation research that the show originally opened on Broadway in 1980 and ran for only 12 performances. I believe the critics this time are going to be more favorable in their reviews. We will see.

When I got back to PHC I felt really good about the day’s events and the interactions I had with friends etc etc etc. Yes ... it was a good doubleheader, all things (meaning eggplant) considered.

Today is ... tada ... yet another entertainment doubleheader for Billi Pod ...

3:00==>BAD KID - “Is the story of a Goth boy who dreamed of being anywhere but the middle of Texas in 1991. Preferably somewhere in London wearing fishnet gloves and a cape while standing alone in the rain. In this funny and moving examination of rebellion, sexuality and friendship, David Crabb reflects on what it means to grow up different and alone, just like everyone else. (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

The show is playing down in the Village. When the show is over I will come back to my ‘hood to be present at an AA meeting to be chaired by one of my buddies who is celebrating his AA birthday. YES!!

Then for the evening is ...

8:00==>ONE MAN LORD OF THE RINGS - “One Man (Charles Ross) recreates the enchanting world of Middle-earth with nothing more than elbow pads and his imagination, playing numerous characters and re-enacting key scenes from the film trilogy.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket).

This one hour show had a very well received run in New Jersey and I am looking forward to it.

Eggplant pizza==>OMFG!! Why can’t I get this thought/image out of my mind ... why??

Since today is Sunday Billi Pod thinks it would be appropriate to close with the following ...

really ... give it some thought ...


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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