Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Billi Pod’s 60th Class Reunion Schedule

Well, my loyal and faithful readers ... the countdown has begun for Billi Pod’s next adventure ... The 60th Reunion of The Summerlin Institute Class of 1952, in Bartow, FL.

My car service will pick me up at 6:45am and we will head out to the Delta Terminal at Laguardia for my 9:45am flight down to Tampa. Yes, it is a bit early but I want to get to the terminal in time to have a light breakfast.

My flight is scheduled to arrive in Tampa at 12:58pm. I will pick up my rental car, hopefully another VW Beetle, and head over to Bartow, where I will be staying at The Holiday Inn Express.

Assuming everything goes as anticipated, in the early evening I will head over to Gina Falletta’s dad’s house in Winter Haven to see my darling great-granddaughter Saylor. I am taking Gina out to dinner and, hopefully, we will be joined by my son Bill III aka The Bill, who lives in Orlando, and my youngest grandson Chris aka Topher. This should be awesome.

Friday, noonish, I will head over to Lakeland to the trendy Fresco's Bakery & Bistro on S. Kentucky Ave. to meet up with Jim Vandewalker and some of our friends.

Then that evening is the first of the reunion events - 6:00pm==>Dinner with classmates at The Peace River County Club. My date for the evening will be Jennie Swearingen Humphrey ... yeah, we dated back in HIgh School.

Saturday - 8:00am==>Classmates only breakfast at Bartow Golf Course.

Then in the evening will be the final event - 6:00pm==>Dinner with classmates at the posh residence of Sonny & Joyce Griffin.

As I have previously posted, the class of 1952 numbered only 72 at our graduation date. I have no clue how many will attend this reunion.

For your information, Summerlin Institute, named after Jacob Summerlin, was founded in 1887. In 1970, when Polk County schools were totally integrated, the name was changed to Bartow Senior High School.

I will head back to The Big Apple on Sunday. My flight leaves Tampa at 2:10pm, arriving at LGA, hopefully, at 4:58pm.

Will use the express bus service from LGA to The Port Authority and I know the ride will be nightmarish with all of the incoming traffic from the weekend. Oh well ... ain’t nothing I can do about it.

So, my loyal and faithful readers, this is what my next several days will be. I will have my trusty, but now aged, iBook with me in addition to my iPhone, of course, so I will be able to keep you up-to-date.


Billi Pod

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