Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday Was A Great Day

Man ... Friday was a terrific day here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World as both parts of Billi Pod’s doubleheader were more than excellent ... but first ... just a bit of mundane stuff ...

Like a report on my two routine doctor’s appointments. The 10:45am one with my dermatologist was about a thingy on my back. He took care of it and it is fine. The second was supposed to be at noon with my cardiologist but I got a call informing me that Dr. Fred wouldn’t be in the office, for personal reasons, so the routine appointment was rescheduled. No big deal.

In fact the cancellation allowed me to catch an AA meeting held in the same area as the York Theatre where my 2:00pm entertainment event, as a part of Dian Crystal’s posse, was scheduled.

So ... that leads to ... THE GIG, a staged reading about 6 nonprofessional musicians who land a two week gig in the Catskills==>totally enjoyable, funny and well performed for a reading. Thank you Dian for including me in your posse.

The house was full with a lot of industry-connected people in attendance. Interestingly, the playwright/composer/lyricist was seated right behind us and we had an opportunity to tell him how much we enjoyed the show.

When the show was over I came back to PHC for my usual fruit and cheese snack and then it was time to head down to Union Square for my second entertainment event. It had begun to rain and it was really nasty, cold and windy.

Billi Pod’s report card on ...

TRACES, about a group of friends who leave their mark in a run-down warehouse through acrobatics, music, and dance, fusing the traditions of circus with the energy of street performance==>A.

WOW!! This is a terrific show and the performers are utterly fantastic, exhibiting amazing physicality from start to finish.

As I posted yesterday, this show has received very favorable reviews and Billi Pod totally agrees. There were a lot of youngish kids in the audience and they were having a ball.

Folks in the Tri-State area, if you haven’t seen this show ... Billi Pod says==>see it now!!

By the time the show was over the rain had stopped, thank God!!

Interesting thing when I got back to the apartment building ... I was in the elevator with a late 20s/early 30s really nice looking girl, Emily, who I had previously learned is in the cast of Voca People. What is Voca People you are no doubt wondering? Well ... this is what I posted about it back in June 2011 ...

VOCA PEOPLE - “A spaceship from Planet Voca crashes when its fuel, musical energy, runs dry. The Voca People must refuel by performing the music of Earthlings, in a musical theater event that bridges languages, cultures, and planets.”

It had a very successful run at a venue on 43rd Street. Billi Pod gave it a grade of A. It has now transferred to The New World Stages and is building a following in that venue.

I had met Emily earlier in the week and had told her that I was a fan of her show. Last night she told she had mentioned me to her cast members. I should have given her one of my new Billi Pod Blogs business cards but I forgot to. I think I will leave one for her at the desk.

Billi Pod’s entertainment event for this evening is ...

7:30==>MANHATTAN CONCERT PRODUCTIONS: Debut Ensembles @ Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center. Will include works by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

This is the first of 4 consecutive classical music concerts on my schedule.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Will close this posting with some advice to my older loyal and faithful readers ...


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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