Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring/The Realistic Joneses/Kung Fu/The Bardy Bunch/A-Rod

Thursday==>Today is the first day of Spring ... and ... man ... it is certainly welcome here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Yes, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, at noon it is a rather balmy 51ยบ with azure blue skies and wispy clouds.

The forecast for the upcoming weekend is excellent, in the 50s but, dammit, there is chance for the return of snow in the middle of next week. Oh well ... just gotta enjoy the nice weather while we can.

So ... let’s move on with Billi Pod’s report card on yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader, starting with the Broadway show, in early previews ...

THE REALISTIC JONESES, Will Eno’s existential comedy (?) about a pair of next door neighbors==>D

The major fault with this show is the totally incomprehensible story line that drifts from puzzling to total boredom. Yeah ... boredom ... several people around me were actually snoring during the show.

When I don’t particularly like and/or understand the plot of a show I usually get involved with the acting and that ends up saving the show from receiving a totally bad grade. Early on I expected this to happen because the cast is stellar: Toni Collette; Michael C. Hall; Tracy Letts; and, Marisa Tomei.

Well, it just didn’t happen. The acting was mediocre, giving them the benefit of the doubt. They all seemed to be sleepwalking, with several line-flubs and there were several times when I couldn’t understand what the actors were saying (others have complained about this, too).

I found myself wondering ... how could this piece of garbage make it to a Broadway stage? ... and then I remembered that the New York Times critic, Charles Isherwood, gave the play a rave review when it had its World Premiere at The Yale Rep.

Several of my theater-buddies were at the same performance and they give the show the following grades:

Dian Crystal - B-
Mary Maggio - C-
Marty Kosarik - D

So ... Billi Pod says==>you are warned!!

The show is in early previews, is playing at The Lyceum Theatre on West 45th Street, has a running time of 1:30, without intermission, and tickets are on sale through July 6th.

It was raining when the show was over and that didn’t improve my mood. 

When I got back to the warm and cozy confines of PHC I had the usual pre-theatre snack, a fruit and cheese plate, and then it was time for my next entertainment event, the Off Broadway show ...

KUNG FU, about Bruce Lee's journey from troubled Hong Kong youth to martial arts legend==>A

WOW!! What a pleasant surprise. It was informative, emotionally involving, and extremely well performed by a talented ensemble cast.

There is incredible physicality, believable acting and awesome choreography.

Cole Horibe in the role of Bruce Lee (who died at the age of 31), was simply amazing as he developed the darker and more hidden side of his character. His martial arts skills are awe-inspiring.

The house was almost full and the audience was very much into the show. We gave the cast a roaring standing ovation at curtain call.

Billi Pod says==>see this show before it closes.

It is playing at the Signature Theatre Complex on West 42nd Street, has a running time of 2:15, with intermission, and has been extended to April 6th.

Moving on ... 

This is your favorite bloggers entertainment schedule for today ...

4:10pm==>GATORS/ALBANY @ Orlando, FL, carried on TBS.

The Gators are favored by 21-points, but my gut tells me the score is gonna be much closer that this.

Then, for the evening is an Off Broadway show in early previews ...

8:00==>THE BARDY BUNCH - “It's the War of the Families Partridge and Brady in a comedy mash-up of a dozen Shakespeare plays set in the 1970s and featuring the two classic TV families. They sing and dance in this stage sitcom musical parody, and also kill each other in acts of jealousy, vengeance and rage.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

I think this sounds really interesting and I am in the mood for some farce.

It is playing at the Theater at St. Clements on West 46th Street and runs through April 13th. I haven’t been able to locate the running time.

In closing ... this was the front page headline and story in today’s New York Post ...

“NO PAY ROD - Stiffing lawyers out of $3M: source.”

“They tried to get Alex Rodriguez out of his season-long steroid ban and how does he repay them? By not paying them.”

Oh, yes ... the A-Rod drama is back on stage and, remember, Billi Pod posted the following back on February 8, 2014 ...

Does this mean A-Rod is going to fade away? Well, yes ... for just a bit ... then the next chapter will develop and that will be the filing of legal malpractice lawsuits against his present army of predatory drones. 

Remember, Billi Pod made this prediction back on January 14, 2014 ...

“Prediction==>When all of A-Rod’s pending state and federal lawsuits against everyone are summarily dismissed, he will then file a major legal malpractice lawsuit against his current legal team, alleging, among other things, that he wanted to strike a deal with MLB but his lawyers advised him against it.”

Yeah ... bring it on!

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.56 miles (or, 7,782 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>261.56 miles (average 3.35 miles per day)


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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