Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fat Cat Killer/Mufti-Tenderloin/The Lucky Ladies/The Gators Rule

Sunday==>yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader was excellent although it resulted in a rather long 8-hours away from the warm and cozy confines of PHC.

I left my apartment, located on West 42nd Street, at 2:45pm to head downtown to TriBeCa (which stands for Triangle Below Canal) to the Walkerspace Theatre on, duh, Walker Street, for the 4:00pm staged reading of FAT CAT KILLERS.

I got down there early so I just wandered around for awhile. The weather was acceptable, although just a bit windy.

FAT CAT KILLER, about two ex-employees who kidnap the CEO of the company that fired them==>funny, imaginative and thought-provoking. Well worth the time.

The small space was almost full, mostly with what appeared to be “theatre-folks” in some way connected to the show.

It was 5:45pm when the reading was over. I had already decided that I wasn’t going back to the apartment, opting instead to head directly up to the Eastside to the York Theater on East 54th Street for my next show.

Well, I have to share that the trip was pretty unpleasant. First, there was a 30 minute wait at the Canal Street station for an E train to arrive. When one finally arrived, it was already almost full and then at each stop it got more crammed, and, we were also moving at a snail’s pace between stations. It took 30 minutes to finally get to the Lexington Avenue/53rd Street station. Really unpleasant and that is putting it mildly.

I did have time for a cup of coffee (only my 3rd this year) and something sweet, and then it was time for my Musicals In Mufti show ...

TENDERLOIN, a musical about Dr. Brock, a crusading Minister who has dedicated himself to cleaning up the vice-ridden area in Manhattan known as the Tenderloin==>A

The show, which ran for only 216 performances in 1960, has a great score and lyrics by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick.

It is very funny and extremely well-performed.

The cast is AMAZING especially Mark Jacoby as Dr. Brock and Max von Essen as Tommy, a manipulative young journalist.

The house was sold-out and everyone seemed to be really enjoying the show. We gave the cast a standing ovation at curtain call.

Yep, James Morgan, the Artistic Director, and his awesome staff gave us another remarkable event, with only 30-hours of rehearsal time.

It was 11:00pm when I opened the door to PHC. I was both tired and starving, but It had been a totally enjoyable day/evening in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Moving on ...

For this afternoon your favorite blogger will watch the Yankees/Tampa game @ 1:00pm on YES ... then ... 

For the evening it will be another staged reading downtown ...

8:00==>THE LUCKY LADIES - “Cindy, Dina, and Gina are contestants on America's longest-running and most beloved reality television dating show. However, when the camera crew stops showing up and their Prince Charming is suddenly nowhere to be found, the girls are forced to ask themselves: how long am I willing to wait for love? And just what am I willing to lose?” (Off Broadway - free ticket)

This is another part of the annual reading series by The Amoralist Theatre Company, running through March 17 at Walkerspace on Walker Street, downtown in TriBeCa.


Yes, yesterday the #1 Gators put a major ass-whipping on #25 Kentucky, winning 84-65, to become the first team in SEC history to finish 18-0 in conference play.

We extended our season streak to 23 games. We have won 32 straight at home.


Oh ... the Yankees also won..

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.66 miles (or, 8,015 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>214.16 miles (average 3.20 miles per day)


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