Thursday, March 6, 2014

All The Way/Suzie Threadgill/Newsical The Musical

Thursday==>It is still very cold here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World. Yes ... at 11:00am it is only 23º, wind chill down to 13º. It is sunny with blue skies.

It is forecast that the high will only reach 31º. Well, at least it ain’t snowing and, trust me, this is a major plus.

So, my loyal readers and followers, we will now get started with Billi Pod’s report card on yesterday’s outstanding entertainment event ... the Broadway show ...

ALL THE WAY, a drama, headed by Bryan Cranston as President Lyndon B. Johnson, that takes the audience inside the first years of LBJ’s presidency and his fight to pass a landmark civil rights bill and to get reelected==>A

This show is powerful, emotionally involving, thought-provoking and highly entertaining even though you know what the outcome will be.

Cranston gives a Tony-worthy performance as he becomes LBJ by capturing his look, vocal inflections and body language. 

Brandon J. Dirden’s Rev. Martin Luther King holds his own. The ensemble cast of 20 portrays over 40 characters, flawlessly.

For your info ... LBJ’s reelection campaign slogan was==>ALL THE WAY WITH LBJ.

The house was full and we gave the performers a well-deserved standing ovation at curtain call.

The show really resonated with me because I became involved in “politics” at the age of 14 and was involved in the political scene to one degree or another for most of my adult life.

Billi Pod says==>this is a MUST-SEE!!

The show officially opens tonight, has a running time of 3:00, with one intermission (this is not a problem because the time flies by), is playing at the Neil Simon Theatre on West 52nd Street, and runs though June 29th.

I opted not to schedule an entertainment event for the evening, electing instead to remain in the warm and cozy confines of PHC. Actually, it felt rather nice.

Moving on ... 

At 7:00pm I will meet up with Suzie Threadgill of Winter Haven, FL, at her hotel, Le Parker Meridien, on West 56th Street. 

Suzie, the wife of my longtime judicial colleague Ed Threadgill, is in the city with her granddaughter for a whirlwind Big Apple adventure.

Suzie and I will come back to PHC so she can see my Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood from the 41st floor. Then we will see the Off Broadway show ...

8:15==>NEWSICAL THE MUSICAL - “This musical review lampoons current events, newsmakers, celebrities, and politicians with songs and material that is updated on a regular basis. An ever-evolving mockery of all the news that is fit to spoof.” (Off Broadway - discounted TDF ticket)

This long-running show is playing at The Theatre Row Complex on my block, has a running time of 1:30, without intermission, and is selling tickets through June 1st.

I love this show and try to catch it every 3 months because it is always being updated.

When the show is over we will catch a late bite somewhere in my Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood.

Really looking forward to being with her because we have a lot, and I mean a lot, of catching up to do.


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.13 miles (or, 6,842 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>202.02 miles (average 3.16 miles per day)


Billi Pod
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