Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yes, An Important Day & Billi Pod’s Report Cards On Yesterday’s Doubleheader.

As I posted early this morning ... today is special because it marks my 22nd AA birthday and I want to thank everyone who has already taken the time to email and text me. Yes, it is difficult for even me to believe that so much time has passed because, as I reflect, so much feels as if it just happened ... like it was just yesterday.

Special thanks, again, to DannyK, who was my original AA sponsor.

Tomorrow I will attend a “Beginner’s Meeting” at 12:30pm in the basement area of St. Peter’s Church in the CitiCorp building in Midtown East. For years, whenever possible, I have tried to “celebrate” my AA birthday at a Beginner’s Meeting, so that I will never forget how difficult and demanding those early days in recovery were/are.

I anticipate meeting up with several of my AA buds (and you know who you are) for the meeting and then coffee, as usual, afterwards.

It is a dark and dreary morning here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World==>46º @ 7:30am.

As I write this posting it is 10:30am and it has cleared up a bit. The New York Half-Marathon has just completed the part of the race that headed West on 42nd Street. An estimated 15,000 runners just passed directly underneath PHC.

Moving on to ... Billi Pod’s report cards on yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader ... unfortunately ... it was a split-decision.

First ... HAND TO GOD, about a boy whose hand puppet becomes possessed by the Devil==>A<==every bit as funny and profane as I experienced the first time I saw it in December 2011.

Yep ... Billi Pod was definitely in the mood for this type of show and it filled the bill (no pun intended - actually, not sure if that is a pun ... whatever ...).

The afternoon weather was awesome, making the roundtrip walk from 42nd Street up to 52nd Street and then over to 11th Avenue, and back, very very pleasant and enjoyable.

When I got back to PHC I had time for my usual fruit and cheese plate and then it was time for my second entertainment event ...

THE YEATS GAME: A Farce of Improbable Darkness, a supposed “farce” about middle-age choices and their ridiculous consequences==>TRUF<==totally ridiculously unfunny!!

I had an uneasy gut feeling about this show going in and in this instance the gut feeling was correct. I didn’t hate the show, just found it to be boring, poorly written and sloppily acted and ... as I said ... unfunny.

Thankfully the running time was only 75 minutes, without intermission.

On my way back to PHC, only two short North/South blocks, I encountered hordes of drunk 20/30-somethings staggering around, yelling and screaming.

Oh, yes ... Saint Patrick’s Day makes us all proud to be living in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Anyway ... tonight’s entertainment event is ...

7:30==>THE SHOW GOES ON: Musicals in Mufti - “A portfolio of theatre songs from Tom Jones and longtime collaborator Harvey Schmidt, featuring music from such timeless classics as The Fantasticks, 110 in the Shade, I Do! I Do!, Celebration, and many more. In a rare treat, Tom Jones himself is in the production.” (Off Broadway - subscription series).

Yeah, I am really looking forward to this.

As I write this my afternoon is open. Not sure what, if anything, Billi Pod will do entertainment-wise ... perhaps catch a movie ... like ... the just released 21 Jump Street, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. We will see ...

I will close this posting with the fourth of the seven “Musings from “THE MIND OF BILLI POD (a memoir in progress)” that were accepted by Philosoraptor, The Pontificating Velociraptor of Our Time ...

And you know it’s true, don’t you ...


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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