Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday’s Doubleheader Was Only So-So.

And a very happy Sunday to all of my loyal and faithful readers out there in the hinterlands. I hope your weekend has been great up to this point.

Well ... in the name of fair and unbiased reporting Billi Pod must reveal that yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader was just so-so, perhaps even a bit below so-so. What am I talking about you are no doubt wondering? Well, the day went down like this ...

First is Billi Pod’s report card on the first entertainment event ...

CABARET @ Symphony Space, about the menacing final days of the Weimar Republic in Germany and the rise of Nazism==>B<==generally excellent performances from the college-aged cast. When I booked the show I didn’t know it was being produced by a college theater group affiliated with Columbia University.

The two young men who had the lead roles of the Emcee and the American writer were very good. I am glad I saw it.

The show clocked in at 2 hours and 30 minutes and I was a bit concerned that I would have a problem making my second show @ 7:00pm at a theater way down in the far eastern regions of The East Village. No problem though ... made it downtown in plenty of time to have a slice before the show and then pick up my ticket.

The first downside was, of course, catching the final 4 minutes of the Florida/Louisville game on my iPhone and watching us lose a game we really should have won. But ... even though we lost ... I am still very proud of BillyD and my Gators. GO GATORS!!

I met up with Dian Crystal at the theater and, of course, became part of her posse. This time it was only moi.

Now about the show ... oh ... the noise you hear in the background is the sound of Billi Pod still barfing about ...

THE LOWER DEPTHS, the reworking of Maxim Gorky’s so-called “masterpiece” about a ragged bunch of outcasts in the 1930s==>F-<==mind-numbingly bad and that is giving it the benefit of the doubt.

It is about as low as you can get ... not a single redeeming factor ... none ... nada ... zilch ... barf!! Really felt sorry for the actors on stage.

I fled in abject horror at intermission with My Lady, who gives it a grade of Z-.

Billi Pod says==>stay away from this piece of crap, stay far far away.

Hopefully today’s entertainment doubleheader will be better ...

2:00==>MAGIC/BIRD - “Chronicles the intertwined life stories of two basketball Hall of Famers, Larry Bird and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson who electrified the nation on the court, reinvigorated the NBA, and turned their rivalry into one of the greatest and most famous friendships in professional sports.” (Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This show is in early previews and, unfortunately, most of the advanced buzz has been pretty negative. We will see and form our own opinion.

The evening's event is ...

8:30==>NATIONAL FESTIVAL CHORUS @ Carnegie Hall - “The program will include works by the conductor John Rutter, Tschaikowsky, Saint-Saens and others.” ($9.00 TDF ticket).

This sounds like a perfect way to end the weekend.

Have a very interesting upcoming week already booked. The only open date is Thursday and I am considering several options at the moment.

Will post details on Monday.


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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