Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday’s Classical Music Concert==>AWESOME!!

A big==>Happy Back to Work Day<== goes out to all of Billi Pod’s Worker Bee friends out there in the hinterlands and boondocks.

I am most happy to report that my classical music doubleheader yesterday was AWESOME. Yes, I know that I use that word, AWESOME, way too much but it really conveys how I feel.

According to my thesaurus, I guess I could use other words, like: astonishing, beautiful, breathtaking, grand, impressive, magnificent, majestic, mind-blowing, stunning, stupefying, wonderful, wondrous, or zero-cool (what is “zero-cool?”).

Hummmm ... maybe I will give it a try on Billi Pod’s report card on ...

DRESDEN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA @ Avery Fisher Hall==>it was an astonishing performance that was both beautiful and breathtaking. The orchestra had a grand presence on the stage. Cellist Gautier Capucon was impressive in his 40-minute performance of Dvorak’s magnificent Cello Concerto.

But the highlight of the afternoon was Beethoven’s Symphony #5, which was majestic and mind-blowing, especially the stunning 4th movement.

Yes, my loyal and faithful readers, the orchestra was stupefying in its wonderful presentation of wondrous works.

When the concert was over the lady next to me said ... “that was zero-cool” ... and I had no clue WTF she meant.

Hummmm ... still think that AWESOME sums it up best.

Anyway ... it was 5:00 when the concert was over, rendering it impossible for me to catch the one movie, FRIENDS WITH KIDS, I wanted to see at the AMC theater in the Lincoln Center area. Oh well ... no problem ...

I decided not to return to PHC between shows, so I spent the next several hours just walking and wandering in the Upper Westside area, spending time, of course, in The Apple Store salivating over all of the stuff that Billi Pod wants/needs to buy.

I walked up Broadway to 72nd Street, found a nice cafe and had some fruit and a Coke Zero, then I walked over to Central Park West and from there down South to Carnegie Hall located at 57th and 7th Avenue.

It was 7:30 when I picked up my ticket for the 8:30 performance and I was astonished that it was in the orchestra, row Q, house left. For those of you unfamiliar with Carnegie Hall, that location is about halfway back from the stage and is awesome. The face value of the ticket was $90.00.

Had time for coffee and something sweet at my favorite cafe.

MASTERWORKS FESTIVAL CHORUS AND NYC CHAMBER ORCHESTRA @ Carnegie Hall==>AWESOME<==an evening of choral works by a talented group of ensembles from all over the US of A.

It was 11:00pm when I got back to PHC and I have to admit to being a bit tired. I later calculated that I had walked 2.75 miles, which is a high point for the last several months due to the cold weather. Was also bordering on sensory-overload. Not sure that booking classical music doubleheaders is what I want to do in the future ... I mean ... sometimes you can have too much of too much, even if it is good stuff ...

Anyway ... since this is Monday I will do my usual errands and stuff after I finish this posting.

Billi Pod’s entertainment event for this evening is ...

7:30==>FOR PROFIT - “Faced with the pressure of a new city and student loan debt, Aaron Calafato, as the new Admissions Advisor at For Profit University, finds himself in the midst’s of the McDonaldization of America’s Higher Education System. (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

I think this sounds pretty interesting ... but wouldn’t you know it ... as soon as I booked the show something else showed up on one of my ticket services that I really wanted to see ... HAND TO GOD. Damn!!

This show, about a Devil-possessed sock-puppet, is returning after a very successful run. I loved it and want to see it again. Oh well ... hopefully it will show up later.

As you loyal and faithful readers know, yesterday I posted about an awesome event I have scheduled for tomorrow. I know you have been breathlessly awaiting the details ... so ... calm down now ... here they are ...

How about a tribute concert to The Rolling Stones, playing at Carnegie Hall. Yes ... that’s it and here is the press blurb ...

8:00==>THE MUSIC OF THE ROLLING STONES: Hot Rock 1964-1971 @ Carnegie Hall. “Performers include: Rosanne Cash, Steve Earle, Jackson Browne, Art Garfunkel, Marianne Faithfull, Rickie Lee Jones, Ronnie Spector, Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Mountain Goats, Glen Hansard, Rich Robinson, Jackie Greene, Taj Mahal, Peaches, Marc Cohn, Jovanotti & Members of TV on the Radio, Angelique Kidjo, and Gomez” (rock concert - full price ticket).

Yes, Billi Pod has a stupefyingly, wonderful seat in basically the same area as last night’s concert. Magnificent.

OK ... time to post this, start my errands and then do some walking and wandering because the weather is really really beautiful.

So ... why don’t you ponder this ...

Yeah, I know ... think about it.


Billi Pod

“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”


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