Friday, March 30, 2012


Happy TGIF to all of my loyal and faithful Worker Bees out there in the vast and mundane cubicle world.

Man, what is it with the weather? Where did Spring go? I mean ... it was only 39º @ 8:00am this morning in The Big Apple The Greatest City In The World. The weekend forecast is for a low of 37º on Saturday and 45º on Sunday. WTF!! Billi Pod is definitely tired of the cold weather.

Oh, well ... moving on to ...

Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s THE UNDERBELLY DIARIES, about a nice Jewish boy, Aaron Berg, from Canada who becomes a bodybuilder, a male stripper, and ultimately a stand-up comic==>B+.

This one-man show is very funny, butt, also extremely raunchy, profane, crude, rude and in your face.

The main focus is Berg's stripping and prostitution. The funniest scene, a mutual masturbation scene with him, another stripper named Hot Chocolate (you can guess what he looked like) and the slightly predatory man who paid them, is too raunchy for Billi Pod to describe for you loyal and faithful readers. I can’t remember anything funnier, however.

Yes, I totally enjoyed this show and recommend it so long as you understand that it is probably the rawest show you have ever seen, outside of the porn you usually download, of course. It runs through April 7th.

Tonight’s entertainment event is ...

8:00==>PETER AND THE STARCATCHER - “A wildly theatrical, humorous and innovative retelling of how a miserable orphan came to be The Boy Who Never Grew Up. A dozen actors play more than 100 characters in this epic origin story of one of popular culture's most enduring and beloved characters.” (Broadway - discounted TDF ticket).

This show had a very highly regarded Off Broadway run (unfortunately I didn’t see it then) and now has transferred to Broadway where the advance buzz is highly favorable.

I am happy to report that the new Disney musical NEWSIES, inspired by the newsboy strike of 1899, opened to basically rave reviews. I will see it on my birthday, April 23rd, as a birthday gift from Self.

There are two other new Broadway shows that I really want to see==>EVITA and GORE VIDAL’S THE BEST MAN. Think I will try to make my reservations this weekend for whenever the best seats are available.

Now ... in response to several kinda nasty emails and texts==>No, Billi Pod has not forsaken The Yankees. Yes, I know that it has been awhile since I posted anything about them but, folks, spring training is really really boring and most of the news reports are basically just filler material written to fill space and meet quotas. Trust me ... you will soon have more info and opinions from Billi Pod than you want.

The first game of the season for The Bronx Bombers will be Friday, April 6th @ 3:10pm against Tampa Bay, down in Tampa. The opening day in Yankee Stadium will not be until Friday, April 13th @ 1:05pm against the LA Angels. Of course I will be there in my new seat assignment for my 41-game season ticket package.

Gosh ... it is noon and the view out of my windows is awesome ... but ... it is still windy and cold, 45º.


Billi Pod

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