Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yankees/A Serious Exercise Suggestion/Violet on Broadway/New York Philharmonic

Wednesday==>Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, The Yankees 2014 season got off to a lousy start as the lowly Houston Astros jumped off to an early 6-0 lead as they pummeled our titular ace CC Sabathia

After the second inning CC settled down, but the damage was done. The final score was 6-2, a game we were never really in. Very painful to watch.

As might be expected, this morning the local papers had a field-day ...

“DISASTRO! Yanks open with stinker in Houston. Jeter plunked in first trip to plate. CC pounded for 6 earned runs.” 
back page of The Daily News

“DISASTRO! Houston hammers CC, ruins Opening Night for Yankees.”
back page of The New York Post

"Revamped Yanks Show Shades of 2013. A winter spending spree can’t disguise opening day rust.”
front page of sports section of The New York Times

Interestingly, The Astros have a payroll of only $45 million, the lowest in the major league.

Tonight at 8:10pm is the second game of the series. On the mound for the Yankees will be Hiroki Kuroda (11-13) vs. Jarred Cosart (1-1) for the Astros.

Moving on ... 

The only really positive thing about yesterday was my walking mileage that was mostly recorded just before and during the Yankee game. Between innings and during pitching changes etc. I got up off the couch and walked around the apartment, recording the mileage, of course, on my WeightWatchers Pedometer. The total for the day was 4.52 miles.

When you faithfully follow a ritual like that it is truly amazing how the mileage begins to accrue and ... tada ... I highly recommend it to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the wilderness, boondocks and wastelands.

Think about it ... say you are home watching TV. If you get up and walk around during commercial breaks, regardless of what you are watching, and between shows, you will be really surprised how easy it is to accumulate some rather impressive mileage.

Strong suggestion==>invest a few bucks for a decent Pedometer. It will be worth it and it will faithfully record your mileage.

If not, then just count the steps and for most people 219 steps = .10 mile.

Seriously, think about this ... it will have a very positive impact on your life and lifestyle, trust your favorite blogger on this.

OK ... now let’s move on to today, which is going to be another entertainment doubleheader for Billi Pod here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World ... first ... a Broadway musical ... 

2:00==>VIOLET - “A new musical that  tells the story of a young woman’s quest for beauty amidst the image-obsessed landscape of the 1960s. Facially disfigured in a childhood accident, Violet dreams of a miraculous transformation through the power of faith. Convinced that a televangelist in Oklahoma can heal her, she hops a Greyhound bus and starts the journey of a lifetime.” (Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This show stars two-time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster and the advance buzz is very favorable. It is in early previews.

It is playing at the American Airlines Theatre on West 42nd Street, opens on April 20th, has a running time of 1:45, without intermission, and runs through August 10th.

Then ... for the evening is a classical music concert ...

7:30==>NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC @ Avery Fisher Hall. The program is:

Britten - Four Sea Interludes from “Peter Grimes;”
Bartok - Piano Concerto No. 3; and
Shostakovich - Symphony No. 10.
(season subscription series)

Yeah, I’m really in the mood for some classical music.

OK, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, it is time to post this and then get ready for my doubleheader.

Oh==>go back and re-read my “suggestion(s)” about a new walking/activity regimen ... do it now ... it is so ordered!!

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.52 miles (or, 9,885 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>307.10 miles (average 3.37 miles per day)


Billi Pod
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