Sunday, April 20, 2014


Happy Easter Sunday to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the morass known as cyberspace.

It is a really nice day here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, bright, sunny, with azure blue skies. At noon it is 56ยบ with a nice breeze coming off The Hudson River.

Tonight I am having Easter Dinner down in Chelsea with my friends Michael Pederson and Dennis Dohman and 13+ of our mutual friends. I will get to their apartment around 5:45pm

It is always a lot of fun, with good food and lots of intelligent conversations. Almost everyone who will be in attendance can be classified as being “entertainment-involved.”

So ... let’s get started with Billi Pod’s report card on yesterday's entertainment event, the Off Broadway show ...

JACKIE & MARILYN, the fictional imagining of what might have gone on behind closed doors of the most famous love triangle of all time – if it ever happened==>C

Unfortunately, I found nothing new in this show, in its first preview performance ... yes ... JFK was a horn-dog, Marilyn was a booze-addled floozy and Jackie knew what was going on but “lived with it” in order to save her  husband’s legacy. So what’s new? A total rehash.

I basically found the show to be just boring. One positive, however, is the fact that Lella Satie has a striking physical resemblance to Marilyn.

Billi Pod says==>Be warned!!

It is playing at the Theatre Row Complex on my West 42nd Street block, has a running time of 90 minutes, without intermission, and runs through May 3rd.

Before the show started I had an interesting running conversation with a very nice lady seated to my right, June Rachelson-Ospa, who is a writer, producer and lyricist, among many other things. She shared my disappointment with the show. We exchanged cards.

When the show was over I came back to PHC to meet up with John Scott Reed aka Fabson and his new roommate Paul Navarro, who were delivering Scott’s birthday present to me ... a ... gasp ... 42” flat screen TV ...
I won’t attempt to explain how/why Scott had an extra 42” TV to give away, but Thank God he did.

Scott has been bugging me for a long long time to replace my 14-year old TV ...
and now I have no choice.

Will have to get a stand and new stuff from Time Warner, which will probably be delayed until after I get back from my trip down to Columbia, SC, next week.

So==>Scott ... Thank You So Very Much!! 

Moving on ...

My plans for the evening were to stay in the warm and cozy confines of PHC to watch The Yankees extract vengeance on The Rays for the embarrassing 11-5 loss on Friday night.

Well, obviously The Entertainment Gods were still pissed with Billi Pod because the game turned out to be an utter nightmare.

Ivan Nova sucked as did the rest of the pitching staff as we were absolutely crushed 16-1 (that’s 2 TDs, 2 extra points and a safety). Barf!!

This afternoon @ 1:40pm is the final game of the 4-game series from that junkyard known as Tropicana Field. On the mound for The Wankies will be Vidal Nuno (who?? 0-0) vs. Cesar Ramos (0-1).

Please, please Entertainment Gods, you have punished Billi Pod enough ... show him some mercy ... PLEASE!!

In response to several texts and emails ... yes ... I have some interesting things schedule for the big Eight O on Wednesday the 23rd and I will share the info with you loyal and faithful readers and followers in tomorrow’s posting.


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.62  miles (or, 7,924 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>370.45  miles (average 3.40 miles per day)


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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