Friday, April 18, 2014

Finley and Mom Headed Home Today!!

Friday==>I am happy to report to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers that my new great-granddaughter Finley Caroline Falletta and her mother, Gina, are headed home today.

I really appreciate all of the postings, texts and emails. They really mean a lot to me and to Finley’s family.

Yeah, I know ... in yesterday’s blog I misspelled her name once in the body of the posting. When it was brought to my attention it was quickly corrected on the website. Sorry ‘bout dat.

In response to several emails and texts ... yes, your favorite blogger will be heading down to Columbia, SC, next week. I will leave The Big Apple on Friday, April 25th and return on Tuesday, April 29th.

Hopefully, my son Bill III aka The Bill, who lives in Orlando, FL, will drive up while I am there. We are also crossing our fingers that youngest grandson, Chris Falletta aka Topher, will be able to make the trip with The Bill.

Moving on ...

Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s Off Broadway show ...

8:00==>THE SUBSTANCE OF FIRE - “A revival of the Jon Robin Baitz 1991 drama about the volatile and overbearing patriarch of a family publishing house, who is stubbornly holding on to his place at the head of the company while his three children try to convince him to publish a desperately needed bestseller==>C

I really wanted this show to work so I stayed through the entire grueling two-hour performance hoping that I would finally understand and identify with the totally unpleasant and unlikeable main character, portrayed by John Noble.

Well, when it was f-i-n-a-l-l-y over all I wanted to do was bitch-slap his character for being such an egocentric overbearing uncaring asshole.

The various plot twists feel totally extraneous and manipulative.

On a positive note==>the sets are excellent and Halley Feiffer, Daniel Eric Gold and Carter Hudson are believable as the adult children.

Billi Pod says==>You are hereby warned.

It is playing at the Second Stage Theatre on West 43rd Street, has a running time of 2:05, with intermission, and runs through May 25th

Moving on some more ...

Last night, down in St. Petersburg, FL, at that fetid cesspool known as Tropicana Field, The Bronx Bombers put an ass-whipping on The Rays, winning 10-2 behind a good outing from CC Sabathia, 3 HRS, 2 triples and a triple-play.

Tonight @ 7:10pm is game 2 of the 4-game series. On the mound for The Yankees will be Hiroki Kuroda (2-1) vs. Eric Bedard (0-0).

As I am working on this draft I have not finalized my entertainment plans for tonight ... so ... stay tuned.


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>2.01  miles (or, 4,404 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>363.33 miles (average 3.40 miles per day)


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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