Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Has Been A WTF Day

Well, it has been one of “those days” for your favorite blogger because weird shit has been happening to him all day long.

What is he talking about I know you are each asking your inner selves ... well ... inner selves ... it has gone down like this, so far ...

My plans for today were built around having a 10:00am appointment with my long-time dentist, Steven Gualtieri, at his office on E. 54th Street. This was to be a followup appointment to my delayed so-called “annual” checkup back on July 17th. The checkup discovered two “large” cavities and appointments were scheduled for today and then on Wednesday, August 7th.

I was given a new prescription for some mega-strong antibiotics to pre-medicate one hour prior to the appointment.

Well last night, for whatever reason, I stayed up later than my usual 2:00am bedtime, setting the alarm for 7:30am so I would have plenty of time to have a light breakfast, shower and medicate. I planned to leave the apartment not later than 9:15am for my 10:00am appointment.

Around 5:30am a loud steady high-pitched whizzing/whirring noise woke me up. WTF? It was coming from directly above my penthouse floor apartment. I couldn’t go back to sleep. When I went down to the front desk around 6:00am to report it there was only one person on duty so nothing could be done.

When the rest of the staff arrived around 7:00am it was determined that the A/C unit serving the hallway was the culprit and it was shutdown and a repairman called. Of course, the hallway began to get unpleasantly hot.

Well, I just read the 3 daily papers, had a small breakfast, showered, medicated and left the apartment at 9:00am for the Port Authority Bus Terminal, where I caught the E train.

Since it was rush-hour the train was, of course, packed. I was standing. When we left the 53rd/7th Ave. station we suddenly stopped. WTF? We waited and waited. Nothing. WTF? Finally the Conductor announced that the train immediately in front of us had to be taken out of service and for us to just be patient. Yeah, right ... it wasn’t pleasant, trust me, it wasn’t.

After a long long 30+ minutes we finally got underway. It was 9:55am when we pulled into the 53rd/Lexington station. No problem, thought I, since Dr. G’s office is just a 1/4 block from the station.

It was 10:00am when I got to his office and tried to open the door ... and it was locked. WTF? Had I written down the wrong date (but ... they had called yesterday to confirm the appointment)???. I rang the door bell. Nothing. Rang it again and again ... nothing. WTF?

I called his number on my cellphone and, thankfully, it was answered by his assistant, Jacquelyn, who was speaking so softly I could barely hear her (I hadn’t put in the hearing aid thingys, for obvious reasons).

She came to the door and was very apologetic, explaining that they were all handling an “emergency” appointment that was very “complicated” and taking much longer than anticipated.

I said ... "no problem" ... and settled in to read some of the out-dated magazines and then play some solitaire on my iPhone. I was the only person there. About every 15 minutes she would come out and apologize and I would give the same ... "no problem" ... response.

At 11:15am she came out. She was looking really stressed. She said that Dr. G wanted to cancel/re-schedule my appointment because the emergency was going to take at least another hour. I told her ... “hey, that’s fine with me ... no problem ... I’ll just come back next Wednesday at the scheduled time.” She thanked me profusely. I left and headed back to the subway station.

Then ... no joke ... the crammed E train was involved in another delay between stations, this time for “only” 15 minutes. WTF, thought I ... well ... at least it is over with.

Not so fast Kemo Sabe ... it was 12:15pm when I was at the door to PHC. I reached into my pocket for my key chain ... and ... nothing ... OMFG!! Not making this up. What else could possibly go wrong? HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING TO ME?

I went downstairs and after a rather antsy search-session, got the duplicate key from the front desk. When I got inside the apartment, there was my key chain lying on the table.

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, your favorite blogger has to admit that he felt emotionally drained. After returning the duplicate key, he plopped onto the couch in the living room and ... 2 1/2 hours later the pain in his back and neck woke him up.

So ... there you pretty much have it ... it is 4:30pm and nothing of any interest has shown up on my ticket services, so ... tonight will probably be a movie.

Thanks for sticking with me ... now ... let’s move on to something very positive ...

Had a great time last night with Justin Allen Pifer @ Joe Allen on Restaurant Row on West 46th Street. We had a great meal and did a lot of long overdue catching-up.

There is a lot going on in his life right now. As I posted yesterday, he is finishing an internship with William Morris, the talent and literary agency, and will then begin his Junior year at Pace Law School in White Plains, NY, which is about 1:15 away from Manhattan via public transportation.

The Big News==>When his internship is finished he will move from Manhattan to Nyack, NY, where he will be living with family members and commuting to school via automobile. It is a much faster trip.

It is ironic. His projected moving date is exactly 5-years from the date he originally moved to Manhattan.

I am so happy about the progress he is making in school. He is a member of the Moot Court team and is on the Law Review staff. Excellent.

I will, of course, miss him, but he promised me that we would remain in touch and that he would make periodic trips back to Manhattan.

So ... Billi Pod says==>Justin ... let the new adventure begin.

When we split I spent about 45 minutes on a walk and wander session in my Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood and then came back to the apartment and settled in to watch the 10:10pm YANKEES/DODGERS game.

The Dodgers won 3-2 in the bottom of the 9th before a sold-out crowd of 52,447. Andy Pettitte pitched a decent game through 7-innings.

Tonight, again at 10:10pm, is game 2 of the 2-game series. On the mound for The Yankees will be Hiroki Kuroda (10-6) vs. Clayton Kershaw (10-6) for the Dodgers.

Moving on ...

As I said above ... at the moment I have nothing entertainment-wise scheduled for tonight. Nothing of any interest has shown up on my ticket services so I might just catch a movie. For sure, I don’t want to stay in waiting for the 10:10pm Yankees game.

ALERT==>tomorrow, with Marty Kosarik aka Whatever and Dian Crystal aka My Lady, and her posse, I will be seeing a taping of the Jimmy Fallon show. More details in the morning.

OK, my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... thank you again for sticking with me through this overly long and delayed posting.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.03 miles (or, 11,006 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/13==>107.83 miles (average 3.59 miles per day)


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