Thursday, July 18, 2013

Billi Pod Says==My Bad!!

Thursday==>Yes ... I know ... I know ... I failed to post the usual entertainment updates for you loyal and faithful readers and followers on both Tuesday and Wednesday==>MY BAD!!

I kinda have excuses ... so please hear me out ... on Tuesday, after I had reposted about my dear dear friend Moon Mullon, I just didn’t feel in the mood to write about any entertainment events. 

Then ...  yesterday morning @ 10:00am I had a long overdue dental appointment that lasted much much longer than anticipated. When I got back to PHC, at around 1:00pm, I flopped into bed for almost 2 hours and then it was time to begin my entertainment doubleheader.

So, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, let’s just put all of this, including your disappointment and perhaps feelings of betrayal, aside and get started with Billi Pod’s updates in chronological order ...

Report card on Monday night’s entertainment event ...

BROADWAY RISING STARS @ Town Hall - “The future of the Great White Way in one unforgettable night! Featuring the brightest talent selected from some of the nation's finest theatrical institutions.”

This was a totally enjoyable event performed by a cast of 18 young singers/dancers, all embarking on their quest for a career in the theatre.

I was pleasantly surprised that my comp. tix, which is usually in the rear balcony nosebleed section, was in the orchestra, 7 rows from the stage, house right. Excellent.

Tuesday was an entertainment doubleheader, beginning with the Broadway show ...

2:00==>NEWSIES==>Set in New York City at the turn of the century, NEWSIES is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a ragged band of teen aged "newsies," who dreams only of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. But when publishing titans Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack finds a cause to fight for and rallies newsies from across the city to strike for what’s right.” (Broadway - discounted ticket)

This was a special production benefiting The Actor’s Fund. The house was sold-out. 

I saw this show originally back on my 78th birthday, April 23, 2012, and gave it an A+. It went on to win two Tony’s.

Again, this time, I loved everything about this show, the book, the music, the actors, the individual performances, the staging, the sets, the spectacular dancing and especially the energetic young ensemble cast. You could feel the electricity between the characters.

The role of Jack is now played by Corey Cott, who isn’t as charismatic as Jeremy Jordan, but still does an excellent job.

Folks, if you are from out-of-town and are looking for a show to take your kids to ... this is the one.

Billi Pod’s report card==>A+

Then, for the evening was an Off Broadway show ...

7:30==>SON OF A HUTCH - “Writer-performer Joe Hutcheson takes an engaging and amusing look back at growing up gay in a testosterone-fueled family where all the men are nicknamed ‘Hutch.’" (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

I found this show to be funny, poignant, thought-provoking and well performed. It is more about the changing dynamics of a father-son relationship than it is about being gay.

It is playing at the Stage Left Studio on West 30th Street and has two remaining performances: July 21 and 28. The running time is 85-minutes, without intermission.

Billi Pod’s report card==>B+

I was back in PHC in time to watch the last innings of the All-Star Game, including the emotional and dramatic appearance of Mariano Rivera to pitch the bottom of the 8th inning. As you know, The AL won 3-0, thereby gaining home field advantage in the 2013 World Series.

Now ... that brings us to yesterday ...

As mentioned above, most of the morning and into the early afternoon was consumed by a long overdue cleaning/scraping/chiseling/ session with my dentist. The appointment was at 10:00am and I didn’t get back to PHC until almost 1:00pm.

I was emotionally drained. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but I really was. Your favorite blogger turned on the bedroom AC, flopped into bed and then ... gasp ... was zonked out for almost 2 hours.

By the time I got up it was way-too-late to even consider writing this blog.

So ... the rest of the day/evening went like this ...

AT 5:30pm I met up with my theater-buddies, Dian Crystal aka My Lady and Vera Olichney, at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, Meske, located on West 47th Street in my Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood.

We three had our usual fare, the Vegetarian Platter.

When we finished we rather leisurely walked over to the Theater District for our Broadway show, in early previews ...

8:00==>FIRST DATE - “When blind date newbie Aaron is set up with serial-dater Casey, a casual drink at a busy New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds in real time, the couple quickly finds that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. In a delightful and unexpected twist, Casey and Aaron’s inner critics take on a life of their own when other restaurant patrons transform into supportive best friends, manipulative exes and protective parents, who sing and dance them through ice-breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines. Can this couple turn what could be a dating disaster into something special before the check arrives?” (Broadway - complimentary ticket)

Before the show we met up with our mutual theater-buddy, Mary Maggio, and Mary and I actually ended up sitting together in the orchestra, far house left.

The advanced buzz on this show has been kinda iffy with the so-called “theatre-aficionados” flooding the chat boards with very snarky comments.

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, Billi Pod found the show to be funny and enjoyable. Yes, it is light and fluffy but the talented cast overcomes that, IMHO.

The role of Aaron is usually played by Zachary Levi but he is out for the week due to scheduling conflicts. We knew this going in. Aaron was played by Eric Ankrim, who originated the role in Seattle’s world premiere production. He did an excellent job and received a roaring standing ovation at curtain-call.

Billi Pod’s report card==>B+

OK ... this pretty much brings you up-to-date, so let’s move on to today ...

Today’s entertainment event is another New York Musical Festival (NYMF) show at the Pershing Square Theatre complex in my ‘hood ...

5:00==>THE PIRATES OF FINANCE - “When musical conductor Frederick Freemarket inherits his uncle's Wall Street investment company, he dreams of rescuing the world from economic doldrums. The company is worth twelve billion dollars – what could possibly go wrong?” (NYMF - discounted ticket)

The show has a running time of 1:40, with an intermission, so, at the moment I am undecided what, if anything, I will do after the show.

Of course, we cannot close this posting out without some sports for my theater-buddy Marty Kosarik aka Whatever.

The rest of the season begins on Friday when The Bronx Bombers start a crucial 3-game series against the division-leading Boston FuckSox at that fetid cesspool known as Fenway Park.

I need to alert you loyal and faithful readers and followers that my entertainment scheduling will be built around watching each of the games:

Friday @ 7:10
Saturday @ 4:05
Sunday @ 8:05 

So ... time to post this. Again ... please forgive me for all of my transgressions. Thank You!!

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.65 miles (or, 10,166 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/13==>68.79 miles (average 4.05 miles per day)


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