Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sunday==>And a good afternoon to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers. Sorry about the lateness of this posting but your favorite blogger has been almost overwhelmed by the New York Musical Festival (NYMF) that is taking place in his immediate 'hood.

So ... let’s get this posting started with his report cards on yesterday’s outstanding NYMF doubleheader ... starting with ... 

SONGS FOR A MORE FUNNIER WORLD, about four singers who wake up to find themselves in yet another serious song-cycle==>THUMBS UP!!

The show is well-performed, funny and very profane in parts. The songs are about love, life, ups, downs and WTF?.

My favorite song was “In Line for the Bathroom,” sung by Steven Stafford, who in September 2012 performed in a one-man show called “Methtacular” that I enjoyed and gave a grade of B+.

When the show was over I was able to so some walking and wandering in my immediate ‘hood between intermittent light rain showers.

Then ... for the evening was ... 

LIFE COULD BE A DREAM, about the travails of a boy singing group hoping for fame and fortune==>THUMBS UP!!

The show is set in 1960 and is built around great vintage rock music standards such as: “Runaround Sue,” “The Wanderer,” “Unchained Melody,” “I Only Have Eyes for You,” “Duke of Earl,” etc.

All of the performers are terrific and the dancing is excellent. The show is smile inducing from the very beginning and it is my favorite show thus far.

Interesting side note ... I was seated next to a guy in his 50s. We struck up a conversation and he asked me in detail about the shows I had seen. I told him and then I asked him what he had seen. He said that he was Chairman of the NYMF Board of Directors. Wow!! His name is Martin Grant and we had a very nice running conversation before the show, at intermission and then afterwards.

Moving on ...

Today is yet another NYMF doubleheader ... starting with ...

1:00==>SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON - “Join the intrepid Robinson family as they survive being shipwrecked in stormy seas, only to be abandoned and left to fend for themselves on an exotic tropical island. They bravely face the mysteries and perils of their new home but soon discover they are not alone.” (NYMF - discounted ticket)

Then, for the evening is ...

8:00==>THAT LADY FROM MAXIM’S - “Paris, 1899. After too much champagne at the notorious nightclub, Maxim's, respectable Dr. Petypon wakes to discover a mysterious near-naked woman in his bed. Desperate to conceal this indiscretion from his righteous wife and rich uncle, he finds himself caught in a hilarious maze of mistaken identities, complicated lies, and catapulting chaos.” (NYMF - discounted ticket)

Yeah, this doubleheader sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Now ... for a little bit of sports for my theater-buddy Marty Kosarik aka Whatever ...

What wasn’t fun was another woeful performance out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built, as The Wankies fell to the lowly Minnesota Twins by a score of 4-1. Phil Hughes gave up 3-homers, too many for our struggling, virtually invisible offense.

This afternoon will be the final game before the All-Star break and it will be our titular ace CC Sabathia (9-7) on the mound for The Wankies vs. Kyle Gibson (1-2) for The Twins. CC has won four consecutive games against The Twins.

The doomsday clock is ticking for A-Rod following his "meeting" yesterday with the MLB investigating team. As anticipated, he refused to answer any questions. Billi Pod predicts that as soon as The All-Star Game is over==>A-Rod will be toast.

OK ... time to post this and get on with other things ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.68 miles (or, 10,238 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/13==>52.89 miles (average 4.07  miles per day)


Billi Pod
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