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Saturday==>Good afternoon to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the morass known as cyberspace. Your favorite blogger hopes that your weekend is off to a good start and that things only get better for you as the weekend progresses.

I am happy to report that yesterday’s entertainment events were totally AWESOME and, once again, explains why I continue to live in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, rather than ... say ... Des Moines, IA, Beaumont, TX, Fargo, ND, Wauchula, FL ... or wherever.

So .... let’s get started with Billi Pod’s report cards ... starting with the New York Musical Festival (NYMF) show ...

BOYS WILL BE BOYS, when it is discovered that Ishmael Gonzalez suffers from Gay Attention Deficit Disorder (G.A.D.D.), a condition that renders gay men unable to stay focused on any trend for more than a few weeks, five of his friends stage a one-night-only benefit==>THUMBS UP.

I am happy to report that this show was everything I expected and more, with a superb cast, listenable music and lyrics and a funny and thought-provoking story line. It is everything that HOMO, THE MUSICAL isn't.

The highlight of the evening for me was the emotionally involving “Giant” performed to perfection by Ryan Speakman.

I would highly recommend that you see this show, but, unfortunately, the final performance was last night. Hopefully, it will find a life after NYMF ends.

When the show was over I subwayed down to SoHo to the HERE Arts Center for my second show. I was there a bit early, so I picked up my ticket and then did a bit of a walk and wander session in the area.

Then I met up with my theater-buddy Marty Kosarik aka Whatever. I was seeing the show totally on his insistence. I have to admit to having some serious misgivings.

Billi Pod’s report card on ...

ROGER & TOM, about a man who comes to a show, only to find out that he's actually a member of the cast==>A

The show has a wonderful cast and is totally involving and mentally and emotionally challenging. By that I mean ... just when you think you know what’s happening on stage, you don’t. What is happening, or not happening, is virtually impossible to describe and I won’t even try.

The one-hour running time flies by.

The 3-person cast: Suzy Jane Hunt; Eric T. Miller; and, Richard Thieriot, are remarkable and they received a well-earned roaring standing ovation from the full house.

Yes, IMHO, the show more than earns its favorable reviews and the decision to extend its run through August 24th.

Billi Pod says==>see this show.

Also==>thank you Marty for insisting that we see this show. You were more than right. I would not have seen it, but for you.

Moving on ...

What wasn’t right was the fiasco that was happening out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built, as The Rays destroyed the fading CC Sabathia, who gave up 7 runs in just 5 innings in his third straight abysmal start. The final score was 10-6, which is a bit misleading because the Wankies scored some meaningless runs late in the game.

The Rays are now in sole-possession of first place in the AL East.

Alfonso Soriano’s homecoming was anything but stellar as he went 0-5, with one measly RBI groundout.

This afternoon at 1:05pm will be game 2 of the 3-game series. On the mound for The Wankies will be Ivan Nova (4-3) vs. Chris Archer (5-3) for The Rays.

Folks, trust me on this ... The Yankee Universe ain’t happy.

Anyway ... tonight’s entertainment event is ...

8:00==>STORYVILLE - “The American Songbook is forever changed with the birth of jazz in the seedy saloons and brothels of New Orleans in the 1910s.” (Off Broadway - discounted TDF ticket).

This musical is playing at The York Theatre @ The Citigroup Center on E. 54th Street, one of my favorite venues. As I have mentioned before, Jim Morgan, the Artistic Director, is a Florida Gator.

It is running through August 17th, although an extension is possible as a result of the mostly very favorable reviews.

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, it is about time for The Wankie game to start, so will post this and then settle down in front of the tube.

Oh ... yesterday was also a good walking day ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.00 miles (or, 10,944 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/13==>97.15 miles (average 3.74 miles per day)


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