Thursday, July 11, 2013

JULIAN PO==>Thumbs Up!!

Thursday==>Good afternoon to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers.

Let’s get today’s posting started with my report cards on yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader, which, unfortunately, was a split-decision.

First was a New York Musical Festival (NYMF) show @ 5:00pm @ The Pershing Center on West 42nd Street ...

JULIAN PO, about a man who wanders into a small town intent on killing himself and inadvertently becomes a celebrity, of sorts==>THUMBS UP!!

A stellar cast, headed by Chad Kimball, and excellent music and lyrics bolster a very troubling story line. The ending is a puzzling “did he?” or “didn’t he?”

Almost all of the characters have very dramatic solos but, for me, the best was Jason Gotay singing about “coming-out” in a small rural town.

The house was virtually full and I understand that most of the tickets for the remaining performances are gone.

Before the show I made contact with my Facebook friend and theater-buddy Will MacAdam and he also liked the show a lot.

When the show was over I came back to PHC and chilled and then walked up to the 59E59 Theatre complex for my second show ...

THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH PANIC ATTACK, the comedian Matt Nagin discusses drugs, travel, dating, celebrities, and the importance of being weird==>C

The show was not nearly as funny as I had anticipated.

The problem, IMHO, was Nagin’s choice, early-on, to have back-and-forth’s with  audience members and then having to deal with the female half of an early-70s couple who wouldn’t shut the f**k up. Very awkward and annoying to most of the other audience members. I just wanted to bitch-slap her.

Thank God the running time was only 1-hour. It seemed longer.

When the show was over I walked back to the apartment.

So ... my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... now on have the details on the split-decision.

Today’s entertainment event is another NYMF production ...

9:30==>DIZZY MISS LIZZIE’S ROADSIDE REVUE PRESENTS “BRONTES” - “Secrets, rivalries, drugs and drama abound as conflicted siblings Charlotte, Emily, Anne and Branwell trade Victorian repression for rock-and-roll expression that upends everything you thought you knew about the authors of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights.” (NYMF - discounted ticket)

Now, on to some sports news ...

Last night, out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built, The Yankees heretofore dormant bats finally came alive and we smashed The Kansas City Royals 8-1, with a 3-run homer from Robbie Cano and a grand slam from Lyle Overbay. We also got 8 excellent innings from Ivan Nova.

The final game of the 4-game series is at 1:05pm this afternoon. On the mound for The Yankees will be Andy Pettitte (6-6) vs. Ervin Santana (5-5) for The Royals.

BREAKING NEWS==>AP has just  reported that The Captain, Derek Jeter, will be in the starting lineup this afternoon as the designated hitter (DH). Jeter has been recovering from a broken left ankle.

This means it is time to post this and then settle in to watch the game.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.22 miles (or, 11.421 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/13==>43.83 miles (average 4.38 miles per day)


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