Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Billi Pod is OK Today!!

Tuesday==>No, my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... your computers, tablets, smartphones etc etc have not become infected by bugs ... your favorite blogger just did not post yesterday to Billi Pod Blogs.

Why, I know you are all breathlessly asking your inner selves? Well ... selves ... it is because yesterday a bug hit Billi Pod in the morning, shortly after he posted to his FaceBook Timeline. It stayed with him for the rest of the day and into the early evening. Basically he felt like shit, to put it mildly.

I won’t bore you with the details other than to say that he had to miss his scheduled entertainment event, a staged reading at Manhattan Theatre Club, with his theater buddy Dian Crystal aka My Lady.

Luckily, whatever it was left his body in the early evening and he was able to get out of the apartment around 9:00pm for a brief walking session. But ... most of the errands and chores were not done.

Today, I am happy to report, your favorite blogger feels 100% OK ... but ... he has tons of leftover errands, things and stuff to do today ... so ... let’s get started with an update ... beginning with his report card on Sunday night’s entertainment event ...

SAGA, a puppet show about a despairing man who seeks revenge after the collapse of both his marriage and the Icelandic economy==>B

It is interesting and well performed, however, the story line is really very very brutal. The running time is 60 minutes and the show is running through April 14th at the Baruch Performing Arts Center on East 25th Street.

If you want something a bit different then it is worth seeing. If not, then stay away.

Tonight’s entertainment event is a Broadway show in early previews ...

8:00==>MACBETH - “Alan Cumming returns to Broadway in a one-man interpretation of Shakespeare's darkest and most powerful tragedy, this time set in a clinical room deep within a dark psychiatric unit.” (Broadway - discounted TDF ticket) 

This show had a very well-received run Off Broadway @ the 2012 Lincoln Center Festival and will have a limited run on Broadway, through June 30th.

I have very mixed feelings about this show because, in the name of fair and unbiased reporting, I must admit to not being a fan of Shakespeare. There ... I’ve said it ... so let the flames and snarky texts begin. Bring it on!!

Why, then, am I seeing it tonight? Two reasons: (1) Alan Cumming and (2) a discounted ticket to a Broadway show that the critics are gonna love.

Moving on ... 

Yesterday afternoon the Bronx Bomber bats finally came alive, especially Robby Cano, and we beat the Cleveland Indians  11-6, to improve our record to 3-4.

Tonight @ 7:05 is game 2 of the 4-game series. Andy Pettitte (1-0), coming off a stellar performance against the FuckSox, will be on the mound for the Bronx Bombers vs. Carlos Carrasco (0-0) for the Indians.

It felt really strange to see Nick Swisher in a Cleveland uniform. He went 1 for 3. Billi Pod is still pissed off that Yankee management made no effort whatsoever to re-sign him, even though he was a free-agent and represented by Scott Boros. Oh well ... 

Oh ... the weather is awesome this morning here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World. There is a bright blue sky with a projected high in the mid-70s. In fact, it is 75ยบ @ 11:30am. Nice!!

Time to post this and then get started on the errands and chores and then, of course, a nice walk and wander session.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>1.68 miles (or, 3,677 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,319.17 miles 


Billi Pod
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