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My Manana Comes - The Good and the True - Bastards of Strindberg - The Wankies

Wednesday==>Gotta get this posting underway because Billi Pod has an entertainment doubleheader scheduled for today ... so ... let’s get started with ...

Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s Off Broadway show ...

MY MANANA COMES, just beyond the elegant dining room of an Upper East Side restaurant, four busboys angle for shifts, pray for tips, and cling to dreams of life beyond their dingy back-of-house grind. Expertly juggling delicate entrees, fussy customers and beer-swilling line cooks, the young men face off with management and each other==>A-

The four person cast of Jason Bowen, Jose Joaquin Perez, Brian Quijada, and Reza Salazar do an amazing job of bringing the busboys to life and making them interesting and believable.

The story line is rather complex. It starts off rather light with lots of male-to-male humor but toward the end it becomes more of a drama and gets darker and darker. The ending takes a rather unexpected (at least for me) twist.

The set is totally amazing and the staging is whirlwind as the characters are constantly on the move with plates of food, dirty dishes, glasses, paring knives, wine bottles, towels, silverware ... you name it.

My only quibble with the show is that some of the major dialogue is done in a combination of Spanish and English, sometimes overlapping, and that makes it kinda difficult to understand/follow at times. 

The house was full and the audience was very much into the show. We gave the cast a well-earned roaring ovation at curtain call.

Billi Pod says==>if you are looking for good acting and something a bit different, then this is the show for you.

It is playing at the Playwrights Horizons Complex on West 42nd Street, has a running time of 1:35, without intermission, and runs through September 20th.

Now ... about today’s doubleheader ... first is ...

2:00==>THE GOOD AND THE TRUE - “The story of the actress Hana Pravda and the athlete Milos Dobry. Both spent their working lives building suspense, knocking crowds into submission and drawing gasps from onlookers. Both endured impossible challenges of being born Jewish in 1920s Europe and both survived an extraordinary catalogue of living through the attempted extermination of their race.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This heavy drama has received favorable reviews, is playing at the DR2 Theatre on East 15th Street in Union Square, has a running time of 1:20, without intermission, and runs through September 24th.

When the show is over I will walk back to the apartment, weather permitting of course, have my usual pre-theatre fruit and cheese plate and then it will be ...

8:00==>BASTARDS OF STRINDBERG - “A world-premier of four new short plays inspired by August Strindberg’s iconic ‘Miss Julie,’ written by four of the most exciting contemporary American and Swedish playwrights.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This show is in previews, is playing at The Theatre Row Complex on my West 42nd Street block, has a running time of 1:30, without intermission, and runs through September 21st.

I scheduled this show late last night as a result of the fiasco I will tell you about now ... so ... 

Moving on ... or perhaps down ... to the sports scene ...

Last night out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built, The Wankies (70-66) lost 9-4 to The Boston FuckSox (61-77) in a game which, IMHO, was a mirror of what has been wrong with this team since the beginning of the season.

I watched the last 3-innings and I can’t remember seeing a Yankee team that was so lifeless and obviously despondent.

Yes, IMHO, this game ended our outside chance to make the post-season.

Tonight at 7:05pm is game 2 of the 3-game series. On the mound for The Wankies will be Hiroki Kuroda (9-8) vs. Anthony Ranaudo (3-0) for The FuckSox.

Up until last night’s game I was planning to stay in tonight to watch the game ... well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, ain’t no way that is gonna happen ... no f**king way.

Yeah, as I mentioned above, I scheduled my second show right after the game ended.

So ... on this happy note will close this posting out and get ready to head downtown for this afternoon’s show ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.06 miles (or, 8,871 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>990.31 miles (average 4.04 miles per day)


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