Thursday, September 18, 2014

AWESOME Doubleheader - Love Letters - NY Philharmonic - The Yankees

Thursday==>Good morning to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the morass known as cyberspace.

Yesterday was a terrific day for your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, with great theater, a wonderful concert, pleasant weather and some rather awesome walking stats (6+ miles), the sum of which typifies why this 80yr. old retiree loves ... repeat ... loves living in New York City, The Entertainment Capital Of The World.

Yes, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate that I am still able to be living out the dream of a lifetime.

So ... let’s get started with Billi Pod’s report cards on yesterday’s entertainment doubleheader ... starting with ...

The Broadway show, in previews ...

LOVE LETTERS, this revival of A. R. Gurney’s two-character dramedy is about two friends, rebellious Melissa Gardner and straight-arrow Andrew Makepeace Ladd III, who have exchanged notes, cards and letters with each other for over 50 years. From second grade, through summer vacations, to college, and well into adulthood, they have spent a lifetime discussing their hopes and ambitions, dreams and disappointments, and victories and defeats==>A

Featured in this performance were Brian Dennehy and Mia Farrow and they were both excellent. The actors sit behind a table and read from letters their characters had exchanged over their lifetime. 

They will perform through October 10th and then Carol Burnett will take over Mia’s spot. Dennehy will stay on.

It is extremely entertaining and very emotionally involving as the characters develop and evolve from elementary school to old age.

To add to this pleasure - my comp. seat was excellent, in the orchestra, row G, 5 seats from the aisle, house left. I had a great sight line to the performers on stage.

Billi Pod says==>see this show.

It is playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on West 47th Street and has a running time of 1:40, without intermission.

To also add to my pleasure, before the show I ran into my friends Julie Miller and Phil Parnes and we did some much needed catching up.

When the show was over I came back to PHC, had my usual pre-theater snack, a fruit and cheese plate, and then headed uptown to Lincoln Center a bit early so I could have a leisurely walk and wander  session in the area before my concert.

My concert was ...

NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA @ Avery Fisher Hall - “La Dolce Vita - The Music of Italian Cinema.”==>A.

The program featured music from classical Italian movies with animation shown on a big screen behind the orchestra.

Performing with the orchestra were: the violinist Joshua Bell; the soprano Renee Fleming; and, the vocalist Josh Groban. They performed individually and then together for two works. Wonderful!!

The evening flew by. It was totally enjoyable. The house was full and we gave the orchestra and performers a roaring standing ovation when the program was completed.

Yeah ... it was well worth the full price ticket and my seat was excellent, row JJ, on the aisle, in the rear orchestra, in the general area where my season subscription series seats are.

Yes, I left Avery Fisher Hall with a huge smile on my face. 

The weather was great, just a bit nippy, so I opted to walk back to the apartment while listening to the final innings of The Yankees/Rays game, details below.

Yes, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, when I crashed at that usual 2:00am I thanked my Higher Power, who I choose to call God, for the wonderful life I have been so blessed to live.

Now ... moving on to today ...

Well, tonight’s entertainment event will take place up in The Bronx ...

7:05pm==>YANKEES vs. TORONTO @ Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed and Ego Built, the first game of a 4-game series. (season ticket package).

On the mound for The Yankees (77-74) will be the rookie Shane Greene (5-3) vs. R. A. Dickey (13-12) for The Jays (77-74).

Last night down in Tampa The Yankees avoid being swept by the Rays by winning 3-2 on 7 strong innings from Brandon McCarthy.

Derek Jeter finally broke out of his 0-28 hitless streak, the second longest of his career. The Wankies are the lowest scoring team in The American League. Surprise surprise ... NOT!!

Moving on ... now ... take a deep breath ...

At the moment I am seriously considering not renewing my 12-game season ticket package, with the price of $90 per ticket. I have been a season ticket holder since 1999. The so-called "deadline" for renewal was September 15th.

This season I didn’t get much of a bang for my bucks, and ... during most of this season comparable seats were going for about $45 on StubHub

So ... right now my plans for next season will be to pick and choose my games, depending on how the season develops. Shortly I will be inundated with calls, texts and emails, trust me on this ... I will be ... so ... 

Stay tuned ...

In closing ... in response to several texts and emails ... yes ... I am totally repulsed by the evolving stories of the domestic violence and physical assaults etc. etc. in the sports universe. It is difficult to comment on this tragedy without sounding racist ... so ... I will keep my thoughts to myself.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>6.08 miles (or, 13,285 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>1,067.49 miles (average 4.11 miles per day)


Billi Pod
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