Friday, March 1, 2013

WOW!! 50,000+ Blog Page Views

BREAKING NEWS==>As of this morning Billi Pod Blogs has now surpassed 50,000+ blog page views, since the website began counting hits a little over 2 years ago. WOW!! The website does not count the number of times I visit the blog. 

The Top-Ten page views by country are:

United States - 30,265
France - 3,396
Sweden - 2,004
Russia - 1,862
Germany - 1,164
United Kingdom - 914
India - 411
Canada - 374
Netherlands - 338
Slovenia - 299

That is pretty impressive, IMHO. My blog site profile has also recorded 11,868 views.

Of course these stats do not reflect the number of friends and followers who access Billi Pod Blogs via the forwarded confirmation email from the website.

So ... Billi Pod humbly says==>Thank You my loyal and faithful readers and followers!!

OK ... now let’s move on with Billi Pod’s report on yesterday’s entertainment event.

As you know, when I posted yesterday I hadn’t anything scheduled for the evening and was seriously considering seeing the award-winning movie LIFE OF PI. I, of course, kept checking my various ticket service sites but nothing of any real interest had shown up ... so ... it definitely looked like movie-time for the evening.

Then at 5:45pm one of my all-time favorite Off Broadway shows appeared, with one remaining ticket. I immediately booked it. Thank You Theater Gods!! So ... last night it was ... 

8:00==>FORBIDDEN BROADWAY: Alive and Kicking - “Gerard Alessandrini returns to skewer Evita, Once, Newsies, The Book of Mormon, Les Miserables - the movie, Stephan Sondheim, Broadway divas and more.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

Billi Pod’s report card==>A

This biting satire is profane, funny and very well performed and the virtually full-house audience was really into the show. My favorite was a parody of Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe in "Les Miserables," the movie.

Yes, I left the theater with a smile on my face.

Today begins the first of three consecutive entertainment doubleheaders for Billi Pod ...

4:00==>DISTANT THUNDER - “Attorney Darrell Walters, a young half-Blackfeet-half-white outsider raised in Chicago returns to his tribe seeking reconciliation with his father. His homecoming however unwittingly sets off a firestorm of crisis.” (Off Broadway - free ticket)

This is a staged reading and I will be seeing the show with my theater-buddy Dian Crystal aka My Lady.

Then for the evening is ...

8:00==>HOLLYWOOD PINAFORE @ The York Theatre - “George S. Kaufman’s 1945 rework of Gilbert & Sullivan’s H.M.S. Pinafore transplants the original story into a Hollywood satire about a director’s self-involved movie star daughter, who is in love with a lowly writer, while promised to a clueless studio head.” (Off Broadway - full price ticket)

This is the second production in The York’s Musical In Mufti Series and as a reminder, “Mufti” (pronounced MUFF’tee) means “in street clothes; without the usual trappings.” The show is presented script-in-hand, with minimal staging and props.

I am so happy to report to you loyal and faithful readers and followers that the NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA’S “CAROUSEL” has received uniformly rave reviews.

I will share with you brief excerpts from the three local newspapers ...

“In a Sunny Setting, Lives Dappled by Shadows ... from top to bottom this is as gorgeously sung a production of this sublime 1945 Broadway musical as you are ever likely to hear.” - The New York Times

“Tunes bustin’ out all over ... with Wednesday’s stellar staging of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s ‘Carousel’ the New York Philharmonic joyously put the ‘music’ back into the Broadway musical.” - The New York Post

“Joy is bustin’ out all over for concert of ‘Carousel’ ... it’s breathtaking ... it starts out as small-town realism and ends up, literally, in the stars. Fitting for this out-of-the world production.” - The Daily News

So ... on this happy note will post this and then get ready to begin my doubleheader ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>2.66 miles (or, 5,827 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,187.98 miles


Billi Pod
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