Monday, December 1, 2014

November’s Entertainment Stats - Absolution

Monday==>Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, let’s get today’s posting started with something of interest ... that being your favorite blogger’s entertainment stats for the month of November ... here we go ...

In checking my daily log (log, not diary - real guys don’t keep diaries, but then, you know that by now, don’t you?) I find that during the month of November 2014 Billi Pod attended/saw/did the following:

3 Broadway shows (The Country House, Honeymoon In Vegas, and This Is Our Youth); 18 Off Broadway shows; 8 classical music concerts; and, 1 Movie (Back On Board - screening).

The highlights of the month included: face time and catching up with Circuit Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely of Miami, FL, and attorney Ron Hedges; dinner at Joe Allen with Michael Pederson and Dennis Dohman; time with Dian Crystal aka My Lady, Robert Danforth and Marty Kosarik aka Whatever; and, of course, an AWESOME Thanksgiving Dinner with my AA buddies (you know who you are).

And, a major highlight on the sports scene was the firing of Coach Muskrat, ending his dismal record as a Gator.

During the month I posted daily on my Facebook Timeline and 30 times on my blog, which had a record-breaking 14,782 page views during the month. This brought the total page views for the little over 3 years the website has been keeping track to an amazing 162,215 page views (remember, the site does not record the number of times I visit it). WOW!!

I walked 100.69 miles, for an average of 3.36 miles per day, as recorded on my WeightWatchers Pedometer. As you know, your favorite blogger is not in, nor does he need to be in, the WeightWatchers program. His weight remains at 162 lbs

I stayed in the warm and cozy confines of PHC a total of 5 days/nights without attending some entertainment event, totally the result of cold nasty weather and/or college football. I did, however, record 5 entertainment doubleheaders during the month.

So,  there you have it my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... IMHO ... not bad for an 80+yr. old guy ... but then ...

I report - you decide.

Moving on ... 

In the name of fair and unbiased reporting Billi Pod has to admit that yesterday was a rather so-so day because it was spent 98% of the time in front of his 42” flat screen TV watching football ... this time the NFL. Yeah ... from noon until midnight.

I won’t bore you with the details ... so ... 

We will move on to tonight’s entertainment event ...

8:00==>ABSOLUTION - “The story of two bankers, their lovers, and the things they love the most: money, power, and satisfaction. As their fast-paced games unfold, a thrilling spiral of ambition, love and betrayal unravels.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This is the first preview performance of this so-called “dark-comedy” that is playing at St. Luke’s Theatre on West 46th Street and runs through February 28th. I have been unable to unearth the running time.

OK, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, time to post this and then begin working on my errands and chores list ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.11 miles (or, 6,800 steps)

Total mileage for the week==>26.58 miles (average 3.80 miles per day)

Total mileage for November==>100.69 miles (average 3.36 miles per day)

Total mileage for 2014==>1,347.09  miles (average 4.03 miles per day)

Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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