Friday, September 4, 2015

Lunch With Sandy and Patrice; Weekend Plans; College Football; Walking Stats.

Friday==>Just got back from having a great lunch with Sandy Mullon and her sister Patrice McLaughlin, of Bradenton, FL, at The Cheesecake Factory in Winter Park Village.

Sandy and Pat took a detour from their trip up to Jacksonville to spend some time over the weekend with Pat’s daughter, Laura.

As many of loyal and faithful readers and followers know ... Sandy was married to Bill “Moon” Mullon and after he left us much-too-soon she would visit me a couple times a year in NYC.

The food was excellent and we were able to do some much wanted/needed catching up.

So ... Sandy and Pat==>it was great being with you and thanks for the brownies and the reading material.

Moving on ...

This is an advance warning that I probably will not post again on this blog until this coming Tuesday. 

Why ... I know you are anxiously asking your inner selves??? Well, inner selves, your favorite Sunshine State blogger has an upcoming Labor Day Weekend that is gonna be jam-packed with family stuff ...

Yep, late this afternoon my Grandson, Alex Falletta, and his wife, Gina, and their two kids, Saylor and Finley, from Elgin, SC, will arrive at my son Bill’s new house in Casselberry.

I will meet them tonight for a family dinner at one my favorite restaurants, The Outback Steakhouse, on Aloma Avenue, in Winter Park.

Then Saturday morning we will head over to the space coast for the day, including a visit to the Space Museum. When we get back to Casselberry it will time for pizza and some Gator football.

Sunday Bill and Alex will go golfing and then for the evening we will grill steaks around the pool at Bill’s house. Hopefully, Alex’s dad, David Falletta, of Lakeland, will be able to join us.

Alex and his clan will then leave sometime Monday to head down to PFC aka Polk Fucking County to visit with Gina’s family.

Really looking forward to being with them.

So ... I hope you will understand why there probably will not be timely posting(s).

I will, however, attempt to post daily on my Facebook Timeline:

Moving on ...  

Briefly ... I had a great time yesterday afternoon and evening in front of my 42” flat screen TV watching college football.

Unfortunately, UCF lost a game they shoulda won.

One of the most exciting games was the SC/NC game, won by the Gamecocks 17-13.

Was also able to watch the second half of the Jets/Eagles game as Timmy Tebow threw 2 TDs in his final opportunity to make the team as a backup QB. I really hope he makes it.

Of course, the decision in the Tom Brady fiasco is a hot news topic. Thought you might like the following front page headline in today’s New York Post ...


Only in New York, folks, only in New York.

Moving on ...

I was able to do some decent walking yesterday that, coupled with my walking regimen during the game(s), allowed me to record==>4.52 miles ... which ... drum roll ... brought the total mileage for 2015 to 1,000.27 miles. YES!! In 2014 I reached the 1,000 mile level on September 5th.

Not bad for an 81 year old guy, IMHO.

In closing ... thought you might enjoy the following reference to the fiasco in Kentucky ...



Yesterday’s mileage==>4.52 miles (or, 9,889 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>1,000.27 miles (average 4.07 miles per day)

Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.

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