Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In A Funk - The Countdown Has Begun

Tuesday==>There is no other way to put it ... I have been in a total funk today.

First of all ... it has been majorly nasty out for most of the day. It has rained off and on. At 5:00pm it has stopped but there is more in the forecast for the evening.

Second ... and to be totally honest with my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... I have been in a mental countdown leading up to my 10:15am appointment tomorrow with my oncologist. Honestly, my mood has been as cloudy as the skies.

In fact, I actually crashed twice during the afternoon ... but ... that didn’t help because both times I had rather unpleasant dreams about tomorrow.

I will share one with you, briefly ... I wake in in the morning and it is raining. I have trouble finding my iPhone to connect with Uber. I finally find it. It takes forever for the driver to arrive. When he arrives he is nasty and unpleasant. He has trouble finding the address for the doctor’s office and will not follow my suggestions. We finally get there. It is 10:45am (the appointment is for 10:15). There is no one in the waiting room. When someone finally comes to the desk I am told that the doctor has left for the day. I ask for the earliest next appointment and am told that the soonest he can see me is on OCTOBER 30th. I am left alone in the waiting area ... and ... I wake up.

The other dream was just as foreboding and way-too-graphic for me to share.

Why I am sharing this now, I really don’t know ...

I gotta say THANK YOU to my dear friend and fraternity brother Jon Johnson for his uplifting call this afternoon.

This posting is almost over ...

Tomorrow I will Uber to the doctor’s office. Bill will be with me and will take me back to the apartment.

I doubt I will be in the mood to post anything on this blog tomorrow, but ... I will give you all a candid report as soon as I emotionally can ... so ... let's ... 



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