Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another Medical Procedure - Medical Summary - Some Baseball

Wednesday==>Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the morass known as cyberspace, as your favorite blogger was drafting this posting he was uncertain whether to began with a weather report from hot and humid Winter Park or with a medical update ... both of which are, in his humble opinion ... BORING!!

But ... Billi Pod knows he has an obligation to keep you loyal and faithful readers and followers up-to-date on what is going on in his life here in the Sunshine State ... so ... let’s start with ... tada ... some weather ...

At 1:00pm it is yet another hot and humid day here in Winter Park. The temperature is 90º but the “feels like” index has it up to 101º. And ... guess what ... rain is in the forecast for the early evening.

Now moving on ... (I guess you can call it moving on) to a medical update ...

Yesterday I Ubered over to Winter Park Memorial Hospital for yet another procedure, an Interventional Ultrasound Biopsy of one of the enlarged lymph nodes in my pelvis.

My appointment was for 1:00pm, with directions to arrive 30 minutes early, so I did. I had even more paperwork to fill out although this was my fourth procedure at the hospital. It seemed as if I had to sign my name at least a dozen times on various forms.

Then, there was about an hour’s wait until the actual procedure began. I took this pic while waiting for the Dr. to come in and stick the ice pick into my pelvis.

When he came in the actual procedure took about 15 minutes and was basically painless. He took four samples with four different ice picks.

When it was over I was instructed that I should give myself 24 hours off, without heavy lifting or anything strenuous. Amazingly, the place were the procedure was performed was covered with only a band-aid.

In 3 days the results will be sent to my oncologist, Dr. Castilla, and we have a follow-up appointment on Wednesday, September 16th. I am trying to get an earlier date if one becomes available.

I Ubered back to the apartment, getting home around 3:30pm. I honestly felt pretty emotionally drained. I crashed on the couch for almost 90 minutes.

When I woke up I felt a lot better. I was able to post on my FaceBook Timeline.

As you probably can guess, I spent the evening in front of my 42” flat screen TV watching baseball.

This morning I felt OK when I woke up and there was no swelling or pain at the biopsy site. Of course, I didn’t attempt an early morning walk and wander session.

You know ... I have to say again that things have not developed as I had anticipated when I decided to leave the Big Apple and return to the Sunshine State.

I just spent some time compiling a list of my medical related “events” and I am going to post them here for your info and for my records ... here they are ... BORING ... but ... 

6/10 - first appointment with new cardiologist, Dr. Sickinger.

6/12 - extensive bloodwork @ Quest.

6/30 - follow up appointment with Dr. Sickinger - have an Echogram in his office. He recommends a urologist. See again in 6 months.

6/30 - first appointment with new urologist, Dr. Cangiano.

7/14 - appointment with Dr. Cangiano - he does a biopsy of my prostate in his office. Painful.

7/30 - appointment with Dr. Cangiano - bad news - prostate cancer has become aggressive.

8/6 - two scans at Winter Park Memorial Hospital - CT Urogram & NM Bone Imaging Whole Body. Unpleasant.

8/7 - injection at Dr. Cangiano’s office.

8/14 - appointment with Dr. Cangiano - bad news - right kidney only 15%

8/17 - extensive blood work @ Quest.

8/19 - scan at Winter Park Memorial Hospital - NM Renal Scan. Very unpleasant.

8/21 - appointment with Dr. Cangiano - plans to save right kidney. He recommends an oncologist.

8/26 - first appointment with oncologist, Dr. Castilla. Extensive bloodwork.

9/1 - Interventional Ultrasound Biopsy of lymph node at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.

9/16 - 2:45pm==>scheduled follow-up appointment with Dr. Castilla.

WOW!! Now that’s a lot of shit, it really is ... but it is necessary if I am going to ...


And, that's just what we are going to do, together, my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... together ... to the very end. 

So ... let's move on ...

To some sports ... for you Marty ...

Last night at that disgrace known as Fenway Park Stephen Drew drove in 2 runs and Brett Gardner hit a late HR as the Yankees beat the Boston FuckSox 3-1. Yankee starter Michael Pineda picked up the win, going 6 innings, giving up 1 run, 4 hits and striking out 7.

We remain 1.5 games behind Toronto in the AL East.

This afternoon at 4:10pm is the final game of the 3-game series. 

On the mound for the Yankees (73-58) will be Masahiro Tanaka (10-6) vs. rookie Henry Owens (2-1) for the lowly FuckSox (61-71), who are in last place in the AL East.

I will, of course, be watching the game but without my usual walking regimen during the game.

More baseball is on the menu for the evening.

So, my loyal and faithful readers and followers you are now up-to-date and ...

I want to close with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time comment and/or like on my FaceBook Timeline posting.

It really meant a lot to me.



Yesterday’s mileage==>2.29 miles (or, 5,016 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>994.31 miles (average 4.08 miles per day)

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