Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Scheduling Error - Spamalot - Inside a Teacher’s Head - Baseball

Wednesday==>Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, your favorite Sunshine State blogger must admit to making a serious life-style error. What am I talking about I know you are all anxiously asking your inner selves?

Well, inner selves ... I put the wrong date for the GOP debate in my daily log. Yeah ... I had it scheduled for tomorrow night rather than for tonight. Why is this a serious problem for Billi Pod? 

It is because he scheduled a major entertainment event for tonight ...

7:30==>MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT“Lovingly ripped off from the classic film Monty Python and The Holy Grail, this saucy musical parody tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. On a quest for the Holy Grail, the Knights encounter flying cows, killer rabbits, and taunting Frenchmen while performing heart-stopping musical numbers. Winner of three Tony Awards including “Best Musical”, SPAMALOT elevates silliness to an art form.”

This well reviewed musical is playing at the Margeson Theater at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, has a running time of 2:25, including intermission, and runs through October 11th.

I will Uber to and from the venue.

So ... I will totally miss the debate. I expect that the debate will, to steal a phrase from the above ... “elevate silliness to an art form.”

Yeah, from everything I have read everyone will be attempting to gain traction by attacking The Donald. Claws are going to be out, big time. Oh the drama.

IMHO, if Jeb Bush doesn’t score a knockout he is gonna be toast from this point on, if he isn’t already.

Oh well ... just another reason why I need to seriously consider getting TiVo, or whatever it is called.

Moving on ...

On the sports scene ... for you Marty ...

Last night the Rays beat the Yankees 6-3 at that disgrace known as Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, as Nick Franklin hit a 2-run homer and Jake Odorizzi worked 6 solid innings.

Two of the “insurance runs" came on a line-drive to right field that should have been caught by rookie outfielder Rico Noel.

Thankfully, the Blue Jays also lost so we are still 3 games behind them in the AL East, although our wildcard lead dropped to 2.5 games.

Tonight, at 7:10pm is the rubber game of the 3-game series, again from that disgrace known as Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

On the mound for the Yankees (79-65) will be Luis Severino (3-3) vs. Chris Archer (12-11) for the Rays (70-74).

The Yankees have tomorrow off, their last of the season, and then they will begin a 3-game series against the NL East leading Mets, at Citi Field.

Moving on ...

As many of you know, my son Bill III aka The Bill, is a teacher. He teaches math at Lake Howell High School. I have his permission to share with you loyal and faithful readers and followers what is actually going on in a teacher’s head ...
You are so very welcome. Feel free to share this with your teenagers.



Yesterday’s mileage==>4.24 miles (or, 9,274 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>1,048.97 miles (average 4.07 miles per day)

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