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Billi Pod’s Report On His Weekend In The Hamptons - Part Two

Tuesday==>Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s report about Day One of my totally AWESOME time over the weekend with my dear friends Lenny Gordon and Marie Taylor, Lenny's wife, at their Sag Harbor waterfront property in The Hamptons, on northeastern Long Island, because it is now time for the rest of the report ...

Saturday - Day Two

It had rained pretty heavily during the late night but it didn’t wake me up. When I woke up it had begun to clear for what would be an excellent weather day.

When we were ready to head out we picked up some croissants and coffee and Lenny drove us to Bridgehampton and Ocean Road Beach

Marie and I found a small dune and had our croissants and coffee. 
The weather was great, so I knew I had to at least put my feet in The Atlantic Ocean, so I did and it was freezing cold.
We returned to Bridgehampton where Marie and I did a walk and wander session. Among the things/places we saw were ...

The Presbyterian Church and Historic Cemetery
The Douglas Clarke Gallery (I liked the Keith Haring sculpture)
Chase Edwards Gallery

Bobby Van’s Restaurant to view some paintings by Ted Aznis, Marie’s friend for 40+ years.

We then rode around and through Sagaponack as we made our way toward East Hampton and our next planned destination, Montauk.

Well, even though it is off-season the traffic was already fender-to-fender and moving slowly. No way did we want to become involved in this so we scratched these plans, basically turning around and deciding to head up and over to Shelter Island.

Trust me, Billi Pod agreed 110% with this decision.

As we were driving through Sag Harbor, at Marie’s insistence, we stopped at a studio owned by Robert Hand, who is a multiple prize winning carver of decoys and birds.
We got to meet him and view his studio. His work is totally awesome, it really is. Marie ordered two items.
We then continued our trip up to Southampton were we took the South Ferry to Shelter Island.
Man, Shelter Island is beautiful. As we were driving around Lenny saw a sign that said “Special Event.” We decided to see what it was.

Well, the “Special Event” was at the historic Sylvester Manor and was an open house and a reading by Mac Griswold (female), the author of “The Manor: Three Centuries at a Slave Plantation on Long Island.” Griswold is in white in the pic.
The reading focused on the often overlooked centuries of slavery in The North.

When the reading was over we toured the house and grounds.
Then we did a tour of Shelter Island via Route 114. We stopped at the beautiful Ram’s Head Inn.
Then it was time to head back to Sag Harbor, again via the South Ferry.

When we got back to the house we had time for a brief rest and then it was time for our dinner plans, which had been scheduled a bit early so we could watch The Preakness Race from our restaurant.

We met up with their friend Tatjana Rosentale, who lives across the street, and she drove us to The Bell Anchor, where we had dinner. I had salmon and it was great.

When we finished dinner we came back to Tatjana’s house for desert==>cheese cake, cheese, grapes and chocolate coated strawberries. Yum!!

It had been a totally AWESOME day when I crashed at midnight.

Sunday - Day Three

After breakfast Marie gave me her extensive notes on what and where we had been, including map notations. They are the basis of this report to you loyal and faithful readers and followers. Thank You, Marie!!

Lenny and Marie had plans to head back to White Plains to spend some time with their two grandsons, Evan and Wyatt, so I had previously planned to return to Manhattan via The Hampton Jitney ... so ... 

Lenny drove me to Bridgehampton to catch the 11:15am Jitney. Marie had made a reservation for me. I get there at 10:45am and walked around the area.
The Jitney arrived at 11:25am and it is almost full. I got  a seat in the rear, by a window on the right side. No one asks my name.

No one is seated next to me, but ... later a rather large early 30s women takes the aisle seat.  She is nice.

I am too far back to have a good view of what was in front of us and the tinting stuff on the windows majorly interfered with the view. Oh well ...

We had stops at Water Mill and Southampton. We left Southampton at 11:45am and the Jitney was full. The attendant started collecting the fares. I used a credit card. It was $30.00 and they don’t offer a senior discount. She didn’t ask my name, so I don't know why we made a reservation.

The ride into Manhattan went well although traffic began to get heavy. I think we took several service roads during part of Queens.

The first stop in Manhattan was 40th Street and 3rd Avenue ... it was 1:45pm. I got off.

I walked up to 42nd Street and took the crosstown bus to 8th Avenue. 

Got off and walked to the apartment, stopping along the way to pick up some fresh pineapple and milk.

It was 2:17pm when I opened the door to PHC, thus ending my TOTALLY AWESOME Hamptons Adventure.

Again==>Thank You Lenny and Marie for being such gracious and thoughtful hosts. I will always remember this.

Moving on ...

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, in the name of fair and unbiased reporting your favorite blogger must share that he gave himself another day/night off yesterday.

Yeah, I know ... but when I finished most of my errands and chores I just wasn’t in the mood to head out to the movies or anything else so ... what did I do, I know you are all anxiously asking your inner selves?

Well, inner selves, I began working on the draft for this way-too-long posting and watched the Tigers/Indians game on ESPN, won by the Indians in extra innings.

Moving on some more ...

This is being posted a bit early because I have to head way downtown to the MTA office to get a new reduced-fare Metro Card because my current one somehow got “damaged.” Trust me ... this ain’t gonna be fun.

My entertainment event for the evening is a classical music concert ...

8:00pm==>ORATORIO SOCIETY OF NEW YORK @ Carnegie Hall - The program is:

Bach - St. Matthew Passion
(complimentary ticket)

Yes, I am really in the mood for some classical music, so this is the first of 5 concerts already booked for the upcoming 7-days.

Moving on ...

Tonight at 8:05pm will be game 1 of the 2-game YANKEES/CUBS series, from historic Wrigley Field.

On the mound for The Bronx Bombers (23-20) will be our new ace Masahiro Tanaka (6-0) vs. Jason Hammel (4-2) for The Cubs (15-27).

Breaking Bad News==>CC Sabathia will likely be on the DL until at least early July due to a knee problem. 

OK, gotta post this and then head downtown. Please wish me luck.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>2.14 miles (or, 4,693 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>498.27 miles (average 3.59 miles per day)


Billi Pod
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