Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nosebleed Section - Samuel French Festival - Mostly Mozart Concert

Saturday==>We need to get this posting underway because your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, has what is basically a tripleheader scheduled for today ... so ...

We will start with yesterday’s entertainment event, which was the YANKEE/CLEVELAND game out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed and Ego Built. As I reported in yesterday’s posting my ticket for this game was obtained through one of my ticket services, at a discount ($15.00), and would probably be in the upper nosebleed section of the stadium.

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, as you can see from this selfie, I was totally correct in my prediction. The seat was in Section 431B in the upper tier, in left field, about as far away from the action as you can be in the stadium.

I stayed in this seat until the 3rd inning then I headed down to the area where my partial season ticket package seat is located, in the Main Level, and was able to sneak into a vacant seat while the usher/attendant was looking the other way. Nice.

The weather and the game was also nice. The Yankees (61-54) won game 1 of the 3-game series against Cleveland (57-59) by a score of 10-6, scoring 5 runs in the first and sixth innings.

Derek Jeter got a hit to tie Honus Wagner for sixth place on the all-time hit list. I was praying that he would get another hit to move into sole-possession of sixth place but it wasn’t to happen. I was present at the game where he got his 3,000th hit.

Yeah, it was a highly enjoyable evening for only $15.00

This afternoon at 1:05pm is game 2 of the series. On the mound for The Bronx Bombers will be Brandon McCarthy who is 4-0 since coming over from The Diamondbacks vs. Corey Kluber (12-6) for The Indians.

Moving on to today's entertainment events ... 

First ... the annual SAMUEL FRENCH OFF OFF BROADWAY SHORT PLAY FESTIVAL is underway in a theater in the Playwright’s Horizon, located immediately next door to my apartment building.

During the course of the festival 40 short plays will be performed and six will be selected for ultimate publication by Samuel French, Inc.

Eleven finalists have been selected and I will be seeing all of them this afternoon in two segments, as follows:

2:00==>The Matthew Portraits by Colette Masunik - “Jealousy enters a dorm room when one roommate begins painting nude models.”

Taisetsu Na Hito by Leah Nanako Winkler - “Bethany and Charles, a wholesome American couple, become owners of Android Minami, a Japanese robo-maid. As Minami becomes integrated into their mundane lives, repressed emotions arise and the line between servitude and fetishism begin to collide.”

Park Slope Minstrel Show by Eleanor Burgess - “When two liberal parents return home to find their children playing in blackface in the backyard, they have a lot of explaining to do – to their kids, to their neighbors, and to each other.”

The Idyllic Life: A Bavarian Fairy Tale by Jay Koepke - “In a modern take on a familiar fairy tale, tween siblings Agnes and Orvar discuss the moral implications of letting their adoptive grandmutter Grunhilda eat one of them in order for her to live forever. The Idyllic Life is a metaethical comedy complete with plenty of hat acting, or, hacting.”

et*y*mol*o*gy by Jennifer Jasper - “Seven words map the course of Susan Anne and Calvin’s journey through life.”

The Logic by Will Arbery - “Evan and Andrew reconnect on Facebook. While Evan is starting a career in publishing in New York, Andrew’s incarcerated in a Texas prison. As their childhood friendship starts to resurface, Andrew tries to push through the banality of digital communication to fulfill a plan they had when they were kids.”
($9.00 TDF ticket)

Then ...

4:30==>A Wake for David’s Fucked-Up Face by Skylar Fox - “David did something stupid on the way home from prom. Now, Cal’s covered in blood, eating Funyuns in his room, and Cal’s mom doesn’t know what to do with him. Why doesn’t he seem sad? Are live-action role-playing fantasy games really the answer? And where is David’s head?”

Debridement by Megan Dieterle - “A doctor and a young woman recount one day in which their lives merge, only to find they have more in common than they thought.”

John, who’s here from Cambridge by Martyna Majok - “Overworked, under-qualified, and broke, Jess takes on another job to make ends meet – as a personal caretaker for a graduate student named John. John has cerebral palsy. John is beautiful. And John is here from Cambridge. That is, Massachusetts. Where he went to undergrad, just in case you were wondering. One Friday night after the timesheet has been put away, music is played, assumptions are challenged, and two lonely people learn some things about each other.”   

Splat Goes Your Day by Sarah Einspanier - “A man is hit by a train. A cat plays the melodica, and a dog reads the news on his ipad. Their owner goes slow motion. Time passes in a parkside palace.”

MANDATE by Kelly Younger - “Forced into a guy’s night out by their wives, a stay-at-home dad and a stay-in-his-cubicle accountant go on a disastrous ‘first date’ only to learn that friendship really is magic.
($9.00 TDF ticket)

The winners will be announced on Sunday.

I have seen this festival several times before and it is very entertaining.

Then ...

When the second group is finished I will rush back to my apartment, have a small fruit and cheese plate (hopefully), change clothes and then head up to Lincoln Center for my next entertainment event ... a classical music concert ...

8:00==>MOSTLY MOZART FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA @ Avery Fisher Hall - The program is:

Prokofiev - Symphony No. 1 (“Classical”);
Shostakovitch - Concerto No. 1 for piano and trumpet, performed by - Yuja Wang, piano and Philip Cobb, trumpet; and
Beethoven - Symphony No. 8
(discounted TDF ticket)

When the concert is over I will walk back to the apartment, weather permitting, of course.

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, I hope you agree that today sounds like a very interesting series of entertainment events for your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Oh ... I got to the stadium a bit early yesterday so I could have a nice walk and wander session and that helped Friday become another excellent walking day ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.03 miles (or, 11,004 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>872.22 miles (average 3.96 miles per day)


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