Monday, August 11, 2014

Back To Work & Billi Pod Succumbs To Baseball Fever

Monday==>Yes, the weekend is over and it is back-to-work time for all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers who fall into the Worker Bee category.

Stop your whining and moaning ... your bosses can hear you, dumb ass, and ... remember ... having a job, even a mundane one, is much better than being a “squeegee-man” or one of those pathetic costumed characters who hang out in Times Square and harass tourists for tips in exchange for pictures.

And ... don’t forget ... you have a responsibility to maintain our Gross National Product so that we poor retirees can continue to eke by on our meager pensions.

Now ... moving on ...

Actually, it isn’t moving on very much because, in the name of fair and unbiased reporting, your favorite blogger has to admit to you that most of yesterday was spent in front of his new (to him) 42” flat screen TV watching baseball, literally from early afternoon until around 11:00pm.

Yes ... your favorite blogger was simply overcome by Baseball Fever ...

First, he watched the YANKEE/CLEVELAND game (details below), then a LITTLE LEAGUE game, and then the WASHINGTON/ATLANTA game on ESPN.

Yes, Billi Pod did have a show booked @ 8:00pm, A TEXAS TRILOGY: LU ANN HAMPTON LAVERTY OBERLANDER, but early on your favorite blogger just decided that he wasn’t in the mood for this show ... so ... he skipped it.

I guess, in a way, the Entertainment Gods, struck back because the YANKEE/CLEVELAND game basically sucked as The Wankies (61-56) lost 4-1 to The Indians (59-59), as our bats remained dormant.

The following headlines in today’s papers pretty such sums the game up ...

“TRIBE SHUTS DOWN ‘O-FUL’ YANKS - Bats dead as Bombers head for Baltimore.” - back page of The New York Post

“BRONX BUST - Offense invisible again as Yanks fall to Tribe.” - back page of The Daily News

Tonight @ 7:05pm, down in Baltimore, The Wankies play the first game of a crucial 3-game series against the Division leading Orioles (67-50). On the mound for The Wankies will be recently acquired Chris Capuano (1-2) vs. Bud Norris (9-7) for The Birds.

Unless something spectacular shows up on my ticket services I will stay in and watch the game.

Moving on ...

On a positive note for yesterday ... I did get in a decent walk and wander session down in The Chelsea area in addition to my usual Baseball Walking Regimen. At midnight I had recorded 5.02 miles for the day. This brought my total mileage for the week to 36.92 miles, which averages 5.27 miles per day. Not bad for an 80yr. old guy, IMHO.

Today is Monday ... meaning ... I have my usual errands and chores list to address ... so ... will post this and then begin ...

OMFG! Just reread this posting ... how f**king BORING BORING BORING ... sorry ... hopefully tomorrow’s posting will be better and more entertaining ... 

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.02 miles (or, 10,969 steps)

Total mileage for the week==>36.92 miles (average 5.27 miles per day)

Total mileage for 2014==>881.45 miles (average 3.97 miles per day)


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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