Thursday, July 31, 2014

No Strings Attached - Dian, Marty & Meske - The Revolution, Etc - The Wankies

Thursday==>Good morning to all of my loyal and faithful readers and followers out there in the boondocks, wastelands and hinterlands.

Your favorite blogger has a lot of things scheduled for today ... so ... we need to get today’s posting started with ...

Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s Off Broadway show ...

NO STRINGS ATTACHED, Monty and Luis have had a happy romantic partnership for ten years. Their only issue seems to be whether or not to get married. A chance encounter with Stefan, a sexy, mysterious waiter, disrupts their cozy lives because both Monty and Luis have a secret connection to him==>C+

The acting is excellent, especially Kevin Perez as Stefan, a former porn star who is now a waiter and a rent-boy.

The downside is the story line and the characterizations that mostly failed to involve me. 

The primary recurring theme is: “Gosh, I love you so much and you are the center of my World, but ... excuse me while I go have sex with that hot guy over there ... but I still love you with all my heart and soul.”

This gets old very quickly.

Seated next to me, on the first row of this very small theater, were two nicely dressed ladies in their 60s. I wondered why they were here and just assumed that they had some connection to the cast/show.

When the show started and it became immediately sexually graphic they were very obviously disturbed. At a brief scene change about 25% into the show they got up and made their way to the exit. It was very awkward because we were seated in the first row, in the far house left, and only inches away from the actors on stage. 

I guess I should have followed them but, of course, I didn’t, in hopes that the show would finally develop. Well, it didn’t ... 

Is it worth seeing?

Billi Pod says==>maybe ... kinda ... I guess ... for the acting.

It is playing at the Stage Left Studio (not one of my favorite venues) on West 30th Street, has a running time of 90 minutes, without intermission, and runs Wednesday through Saturday through August 16th.

Moving on ...

I am happy to report to you loyal and faithful readers and followers that yesterday was another excellent walking day for your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Yeah, in the afternoon I did what I now call my “Hell’s Kitchen Walk-Around” where I walk over to 8th Avenue, then North on 8th up to 57th Street, West on 57th to 12th Avenue, South on 12th down to 42nd Street and then East on 42nd back to my apartment building at 42nd and 9th Avenue. Depending on the pedestrian traffic, it takes about an hour and the total distance recorded on my Pedometer is 3.1 miles.

Then ... the location of my theater for my evening’s entertainment was basically at the intersection of 30th Street and 7th Avenue so the roundtrip mileage was 2.2 miles.

With my other walking around, the total mileage for the day was==>6.22 miles<==not bad ... not bad at all.

Moving on to today ...

At 2:45pm (don’t even ask about this strange time) I will meet up with my dear friends Dian Crystal aka My Lady and Marty Kosarik aka Whatever at our favorite Ethiopian Restaurant, Meske, on West 47th Street in my Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood, for a late lunch (or early dinner, take your pick) and some much needed/wanted catching up.

It has been way-too-long since the three of us were together.

When we have finished our meal My Lady will probably come with me back to PHC and chill for a bit and then, weather permitting, we will walk down to The West Village for our evening’s entertainment event ...

The Off Broadway show ...

8:00==>REVOLUTION IN THE ELBOW OF RAGNAR AGNARSSON, FURNITURE PAINTER - “Deep in the elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson, furniture painter, sits Elbowville, where we find three brothers, Peter, Alex and Stein, living in perfect harmony until Peter and Alex fall in love with the same girl, the beautiful and charismatic Brynja. After a brotherly showdown, Alex leaves town while Peter stays in Elbowville where he becomes rich and powerful. It is when Alex returns from exile that things heat up in the family creating conflict that shakes Elbowville to its core.” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

Yeah, I know ... this sounds majorly weird, doesn’t it ... but so did Urinetown and Avenue Q and they went on to become major Broadway hits ... so ... you just never know.

Heading the cast is Tony Award winner Cady Huffman.  

It is in previews at the Minetta Lane Theatre in The West Village, opens on August 13th, has a running time of 2:25, with intermission, and is an open run.

Now ... the usual sports for Marty ...

Last night in Arlington, TX, The Wankies (55-52) lost again to the lowly Texas Rangers (43-65) by a score of 3-2 as our offense wilted in the Texas heat. The Rangers won the series 2-1. Barf!!

I was able to watch the final 4-innings and it was very unpleasant. Thank God The Wankies have the night off.

OK ... now it is time to post this and begin cootie-proofing PHC in anticipation of My Lady’s visit ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>6.22 miles (or, 13,602 steps)

Total mileage for 2014==>824.68 miles (average 3.91 miles per day)


Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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