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Updates - Doctor Zhivago - Chris - Scott & Amber - Capitol Steps - Going Away Pizza Party - The Spoils - Yankees

Wednesday==>Yes, my loyal and faithful readers and followers, I admit to not timely posting on this blog and I sincerely regret the discomfort it has caused so many of you out there in the boondocks, hinterlands and wastelands.

Billi Pod’s only excuse is that so much is going on in his life at the moment that he just wasn’t able to find the time to sit down in front of his ‘puter and write.

So ... why don’t we just begin with some catching up in a kinda summary fashion ... beginning with ...

SUNDAY. Billi Pod’s entertainment event was the Broadway show ...

DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, the musical adaptation of the Boris Pasternak novel that follows Dr. Zhivago, a high-minded young doctor, who finds that destiny leads him to Lara, a haunted beauty who captures his heart==>C

I found this production to be tedious and frankly boring as the 2:40, with intermission, running time seemed to be forever and ever.

As I had previously posted, the reviews were almost uniformly negative and I concur ... and ... the show is closing this Sunday after only 26 previews and 23 regular performances.

On the sports scene ... the Yankees beat the Boston FuckSox 8-5 at the fetid cesspool known as Fenway Park and swept the series 3-0.

Sunday’s Pedometer mileage==>5.51 miles (or, 12,042 steps)

Total mileage for the week==>27.48 miles (average 3.94 miles per day)

Total mileage for 2015==>481.48 miles (average 3.92 miles per day)

MONDAY. As I previously posted, this would have been the 33rd birthday for my grandson CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM FALLETTA. We lost him in a freak boating accident on July 2, 2014.

8:30am==>breakfast with John Scott Reed aka Fabson and soon-to-graduate law student Amber Lee, at Cookshop at the corner of 10th Avenue and West 20th Street.

Amber, who is originally from Auburndale, FL, attends American University - Washington College of Law, in DC. She is scheduled to graduate on Sunday, May 17th, which is, coincidentally, the same day that our mutual friend Justin Allen Pifer graduates from Pace College of Law in White Plains, NY.

Billi Pod's entertainment event for the evening was an Off Broadway show at Town Hall ...

8:00==>CAPITOL STEPS: HOW TO SUCCEED IN CONGRESS WITHOUT REALLY LYING - “Celebrating post-filibuster Democrats and Tea Party Republicans with musical political satire poking fun at all sides of the issues. If you’ve ever wanted to see Barack Obama sing a show tune, Nancy Pelosi sing a rock song, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie do a classical ballet, this might just be the show for you!” (Off Broadway - complimentary ticket)

This sketch comedy group was born in 1981 and was originally composed of Congressional staff members and government employees. Now the troupe primarily employs professional actors and singers.

I have seen them perform multiple times and they have always been gut-busting funny. Well, I am happy to report that they are still gut-busting funny.

Billi Pod’s report card==>A

Before the show I met up with Dian Crystal aka My Lady, and that was nice.

Our seats were in the upper nosebleed section but just before the show started we were able to move down to fabulous loge seats.

We both left Town Hall with big smiles on our faces.

On the sports scene ... the Yankees lost 3-1 to the Blue Jays in Toronto as our bullpen imploded for the first time this season.

Monday’s Pedometer mileage==>6.08 miles (or, 13,290 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>487.56 miles (average 3.93 miles per day)

TUESDAY. Most of the morning was spent getting PHC in shape for the Going Away Pizza Party that Dian Crystal and her posse, plus two mystery guests, had planned for 3:00pm in the afternoon.

At 2:30pm I went down to the lobby and asked the deskman if he would tell the arriving guests that I had just moved out and he said he would.

I then posted this on the front door to the apartment ...
Needless-to-say ... this got things off to a good start as everyone arrived. 

The guests/hosts were: Dian Crystal aka My Lady; Marty Kosarik aka Whatever; Vera Olichney; Julie Miller; and, Cathy Altholz. The two mystery guests were Michael Pederson and Dennis Dohman.

The gang ordered pizza and we had a great time. Yes, it was food, friendship and fellowship at its best.

As a thank-you I gave each person a bottle of Pat’s Ho-Made BBQ Sauce.

In this picture, it is ... left to right ... back row: Dennis, Marty, Michael, Cathy - middle: Vera, Julie, Moi; and, front row, Dian.
The party ended around 5:00pm and I have to admit to being emotionally drained ...

So ... thank you guys==>I am really going to miss each one of you, that is for certain.

I stayed in and watched game two of the 3-game YANKEES/BLUE JAYS series.

The Yankees won 6-3 on a stellar outing from starter Michael Pineda, who tossed 8 scoreless innings.

This brings us to today ...

Billi Pod’s entertainment event is an Off Broadway show in early previews ...

7:30==>THE SPOILS - “Nobody likes Ben (Jesse Eisenberg). Ben doesn’t even like Ben. He's been kicked out of grad school, lives off his parents’ money, and bullies everyone in his life, including his roommate Kalyan (Kunal Nayyar), an earnest Nepalese immigrant. When Ben discovers that his grade school crush is marrying a straight-laced banker, he sets out to destroy their relationship and win her back.” (Off Broadway - discounted ticket)

This show is written by and stars Jesse Eisenberg and the stellar cast includes Kunal Nayyar, from TV’s The Big Bang Theory, as the roommate Kalyan.

It is playing at The Signature Theatre Complex on West 42nd Street, has a running time of 2:20, with intermission, and runs through June 28th.

On the sports scene ... tonight at 7:07pm is the final game of the 3-game YANKEES/BLUE JAYS series, from Toronto.

On the mound for the Yankees (17-10) will be our former ace CC Sabathia (0-4) vs. Mark Buehrle (3-2) for the Jays (13-15)

So ... my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... you are now up-to-date.


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>3.01 miles (or, 6,598 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>490.57 miles (average 3.93 miles per day)

Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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