Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday Was Excellent - Art Festival - Susan Best & Eden Bentley - Baseball - Dinner with Bill

Monday==>What an EXCELLENT Sunday for your favorite blogger here in Winter Park in the Sunshine State. So ... why don’t we just get started with all of the details.

First of all, the weather was excellent, a bit overcast but with a nice breeze that had a tinge of Fall in it. It was just pleasant to be out and about.

In the early afternoon I walked over to the WINTER PARK AUTUMN ART FESTIVAL, which is the only juried art show to feature Florida artists exclusively. Central Park has crammed with  exhibition tents and visitors.

Elodie Bentley, who lives in NC and is the ex-wife of my dear friend Judge Randolph Bentley, who left us way too early, had advised me that their daughter, Eden, would be at the show with a friend, Susan Best, who was exhibiting her award winning art work.

I hadn’t seen Eden since Randy’s funeral service so ... when I got to the festival I got directions to where Susan’s tent was and ... tada ... there they were.

In the first photo it is Eden on the left and Susan on the right. In the selfie it is, left to right, Susan, me, and Eden.
We had a nice visit. Susan is from Lakeland where there is another Susan Best, who is an attorney and one of my Facebook friends. Small World.

I was very impressed with Susan’s work. I understand why she won an award in last year’s festival.

So ... Eden and Susan==>it was nice being with you.

I then spent about an hour just walking around the festival. The quality of most of the works was absolutely breathtaking.

Then ... since I was in the general area, I decided to check out the Winter Park Public Library at 460 E. New England Avenue.

The library is located in a 3-story building. I went inside to just check things out ... and ... WOW ... what a first-class operation. I was really impressed.

I got the details regarding what I need to do to get a card and, you can bet on this, I will get my card this week, without a doubt.

When I left the library I then walked back to the apartment for the second phase of my day ... drum roll ... some baseball ... 

Which was ... for you Marty ...

4:10pm==>ALDS #3 - Royals/Astros, in Texas, won by the Astros, 4-2, on a gutsy 7-inning performance from Dallas Keuchel and a 2-run HR from Chris Carter. The Astros now lead the series 2-1.

8:10pm==>ALDS #3 - Blue Jays/Rangers, in Texas, a must-win game for the Jays, who won 5-1 on stellar performances from starting pitcher Marcho Estrada and the bullpen and a 3-run HR from Troy Tulowitzki. The Rangers now lead the series 2-1.

In between the ball games my son Bill III aka The Bill and I had dinner at our favorite restaurant in the Winter Park area, the Outback Steakhouse on Aloma Avenue.

As usual, the food was excellent. Bill had his usual sirloin steak. I did something just a bit different ... I had their AWESOME french onion soup, with a baked potato and steamed veggies. Terrific.

And then, as is our habit now ... on the way back to the apartment we stopped at Krispy Kreme for the usual sinful chocolate glazed donuts.

Moving on ...

With the walking I did going to and from the art festival, including going to the library, and my usual walking regimen during the games, at midnight I had recorded 6.17 miles, making the total for the week 36.20 miles, for an average of 5.17 miles per day. This was in the top 3 weeks for all of 2015.

I do admit to being a bit tired when I finally crashed around the usual 2:00am ... but ... it was worth it because Sunday had been an outstanding day.

Moving on ...

Today your favorite blogger plans to remain in his cool and comfortable apartment to watch ... tada ... baseball for the afternoon and evening ... and, again ... for you Marty ... 

1:00pm==>ALDS #4 - Royals/Astros, from Texas, carried on FS1.

On the mound for the Royals (1-2) will be Yordano Ventura (13-8) vs. Lance McCullers (6-7) for the Astros (2-1).

4:00pm==>ALDS #4 - Blue Jays/Rangers, from Texas, carried on FS1.

On the mound for the Blue Jays (1-2) will be knuckleballer R.A. Dickey (11-11) vs. Derek Holland (4-3) for the Rangers (2-1).

6:00pm==>NLDS #3Cardinals/Cubs, from Chicago, carried on TBS.

On the mound for the Cards (1-1) will be Michael Wacha (17-7) vs. Jake Arrieta (22-4) for the Cubs (1-1).

8:30pm==>NLDS #3 - Dodgers/Mets, from New York, carried on TBS.

On the mound for the Dodgers (1-1) will be Brett Anderson (10-9) vs. Matt Harvey (13-8) for the Mets (1-1).

This game is fraught with emotions due to the controversy in Game 2 when Chase Utley fractured the leg of Mets SS Ruben Tejada on a hard slide breaking up a potential double play. Utley was subsequently suspended for Games 3 & 4 but he has appealed that ruling. A decision is expected before game time.

With all of the baseball I will postpone my usual errands and chores day until tomorrow.

Moving on ... 

Time to post this and then get settled in for my baseball and to continue ... 



Yesterday’s mileage==>6.17 miles (or, 13,492 steps)

Total mileage for the week==>36.20 miles (average 5.17 miles per day)

Total mileage for 2015==>1,143.92 miles (average 4.04 miles per day)

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Elodie Bentley said...

Eden and Susan were so pleased that you stopped by. And I am glad you liked Susan's work, I enjoy it a lot. She won a prize again this year, isn't that just great?