Friday, October 9, 2015

Sorry For Not Posting - Post Season Baseball - Something For Parents

Friday==>Yeah, I know, your favorite Sunshine State blogger failed to post yesterday. Sorry. My bad.

Have no real excuse(s) other than: (1) the weather was great and I did some major walking and wandering plus walking during my ball games, recording ... tada ..... 6.05 miles; (2) I finally got around to preparing and filing my 2014 tax return. Yeah, I always get an extension and then keep pushing back the filing. The deadline is October 15th; and, (3) I had two post-season baseball games to watch in the afternoon and then the evening.

So ... please forgive Billi Pod for these transgressions.

Today will approach sensory overload in the baseball department because there are 4 games scheduled ...

12:30pm==>ALDS - Rangers/Blue Jays, carried on MLB. 

On the mound for the Rangers will be Cole Hamels (13-8) vs. Marcus Stroman (4-0) for the Blue Jays.

3:30pm==>ALDS - Astros/Royals, carried on FS1. 

On the mound for the Astros will be Johnny Cueto (11-13) vs. Scott Kazmer (7-11) for the Royals.

6:30pm==>NLDS - Cubs/Cards, carried on TBS. 

On the mound for the Cubs will be Jon Lester (11-12) vs. John Lackey (13-10) for the Cards.

9:30pm==>NLDS - Mets/Dodgers, carried on TBS. 

On the mound for the Mets will be Jacob deGrom (14-8) vs. Clayton Kershaw (16-7) for the Dodgers. Note - Kershaw is a 3-time NL Cy Young Award winner.

Yeah, I will be in the comfortable confines of my Winter Park apartment to watch each game. Hey ... back off ... remember ... even though his Yankees crapped out, Billi Pod is still an avid baseball fan and these are each going to be very exciting games ... so ... just cool it ... OK?

Moving on, for you, Marty ...

Now that the NL wild card has been decided Billi Pod can give you loyal and faithful readers and followers his NL predictions ... drum roll ... 

National League Division Series

Cubs/Cardinals. Winner==>Cardinals

Mets/Dodgers. Winner==>Mets

National League Championship Series

Cardinals/Mets. Winner==>Cardinals

World Series

Blue Jays/Cardinals. Winner in 7 games==>Cardinals

You are so very welcome.

Moving on ...

The mental countdown has begun for Saturday’s Gator/Missouri game at 7:30pm from Columbia, Missouri, carried on SECN.

The Gators are currently listed as 5-point favorites. Not so sure about that.

IMHO this game will answer the question of whether the Gators are in fact real contenders to win the SEC East.

In closing==>my internet research found something that I need to share with those of my loyal and faithful readers and followers who have children who are active on the internet ...
You are so very welcome.



Wednesday’s mileage==>5.32 miles (or, 11,644 steps)

Thursday’s mileage==>6.05 miles (or, 13,234 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>1,134.60 miles (average 4.04 miles per day)

Billi Pod
“Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

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