Saturday, March 21, 2015

Weather Stuff - John & Jen - Hazel Flagg - Thank You!!

Saturday==>Oh yes, at 8:30am on the second day of Spring here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, it is cloudy with temperature of 29º, wind chill down to 24º. Man, is the cold weather ever gonna end?

Well, on a kinda positive note, I guess ... the forecast is for a high in the low 50s later in the afternoon.

I have to report that yesterday’s snow storm was every bit as nasty and unpleasant as predicted. It snowed from early afternoon until late evening and there were accumulations of ice, snow and slush, especially at the crosswalks.

Fortunately, your favorite blogger had done some advance planning so his entertainment event was in a theater venue just a few steps away from his apartment building, meaning he had minimal exposure to the miserable elements.

So ... why don’t we just move on to Billi Pod’s report card on that entertainment event ...

The Off Broadway show ...

JOHN & JEN, the revival of Andrew Lippa’s musical drama about the complexities of relationships between brothers and sisters and parents and children, set against the background of a changing America between 1950 and 1990==>A.

Folks, your favorite blogger loved everything about this show. 

The two person cast, veteran Kate Baldwin and newcomer Conor Ryan, is excellent both acting and musically. They bring their characters believably to life in the intertwined story line that becomes very emotionally involving. 

To quote one of the very positive reviews: “... it is an endearing exploration of the human spirit.” I totally agree.

Billi Pod says==>see this show before it closes.

It is playing at The Theatre Row Complex on my West 42nd Street block, has a running time of 1:40, including intermission, and runs through April 4th.

Moving on ...

I am suffering from a major case of cabin fever so, hopefully, it will warm up enough so I can do just a bit of walking and wandering in my immediate Hell’s Kitchen ‘hood.

Billi Pod’s entertainment event for the evening is an Off Broadway musical ...

7:30==>HAZEL FLAGG - “In Jule Styne’s Hazel Flagg (1953), a reporter invites a girl dying from exposure to radium to New York City for an interview. After accepting, she discovers she was mis-diagnosed but decides not to reveal the truth because she has become a media darling.” (Off Broadway - $9.00 TDF ticket)

Songs include “Every Street's a Boulevard in Old New York,” “How Do You Speak to an Angel,” and “You're Gonna Dance With Me, Willie.”

This is a part of the “Musical’s Tonight” staged-reading concert series that I have really enjoyed in the past.

It is playing at The Theatre Row Complex on my West 42nd Street block, has a running time of 2:30, with intermission, and runs through March 29th.

In closing==>a major THANK YOU to all of you loyal and faithful readers and followers who took the time to respond to yesterday’s posting about my decision to leave NYC by June lst.

Yeah ... together we will move forward ... so ... let the new adventure begin.


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>2.14 miles (or, 4,694 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>324.66 miles (average 4.11 miles per day)

Billi Pod
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