Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Next Procedure Is Now Scheduled

Wednesday==>I will now give my loyal and faithful readers and followers yet another health update from your favorite Sunshine State blogger ... tada ...

The procedure that I described in yesterday’s posting has now been scheduled for this coming Friday morning at Winter Park Memorial Hospital. I am to report at 9:00am. I will be zonked out and have been advised that I should be able to leave, with Bill, around 3:00pm.

For your further information, the procedure is: “nephrostomy tube insertion,” which will performed on my back, into both kidneys. I will have tubes and collection bags that should be removed in a week, hopefully.

In response to several questions asking why the enlarged cancerous prostate isn’t just surgically removed - well, two major reasons: (1) The current size of the prostate would mean the potential for major nerve damage and tissue damage with almost “catastrophic” side-effects, and, (2) my age.

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy to reduce the size of the prostate and that takes time.

Remember, on a very positive side==>the cancer has not to spread from the prostate. It is, however, causing the blockage issues that have been the problems that we have been addressing.

So ... moving on ...

I am also happy to report that I finally made myself find an ophthalmologist and I now have an appointment with Dr. Rebecca Kurzon for 10:45am tomorrow, Thursday. Whew!!

Moving on some more ...

Actually, it really isn’t moving on because I thought last night’s Republican Party Debate, hidden on Fox Business Network, was totally B O R I N G!! I am, however, more and more impressed with Marco Rubio. Jus sayin ...

So ... this pretty much brings you up-to-date and is all I am in the mood to write about now ... so together ... let’s continue to ...



Yesterday’s mileage==>1.66 miles (or, 3,628 steps)

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