Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weather Update - The Sleeping Beauty - Benjamin P. Wenzelberg - Commanders-In-Chief

Tuesday==>We will get today’s posting started because your favorite blogger has an entertainment event scheduled for this afternoon (details below) so ...

First ... the weather ... of course.

At 10:30am it is overcast and cold but not as cold as yesterday ... Thank God! The temperature is 30º, wind chill down to 22º

In yesterday’s posting I made the following statement: “ ... Monday is Billi Pod’s errands and chores day but ... trust me on this ... ain’t no way he is going to brave the nasty elements just for errands and chores ... no way ...” 

Well, my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... it didn’t exactly go down that way ... I ... gasp ... made three trips into the elements yesterday ... one to get some hot food for 3 meals, then one to get some pizza for 3 meals and, finally, one to attend my scheduled entertainment event.

The result ... when I got back to the apartment last night my nose was running and I was sneezing like crazy. This morning my nose is still running but, thankfully, no sneezing ... yet.

Oh well ...

Let’s move on to Billi Pod’s report on last night’s staged reading at The York Theatre. Remember ... he does not give letter grades to staged readings unless they totally suck ... 

THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, a staged reading of a new opera about a beautiful Princess who is trying to find a Prince. An evil Wise Woman casts a magic spell. The Princess falls into a deep sleep for 100 years along with everyone in the castle. Will a Prince come in time to save the Kingdom and will he be the Princess’ true love?

This totally enjoyable family-orientated opera earns a Thumbs Up and, hopefully, it will continue in the developmental process.
The Composer/Librettist/Accompanist/Director is 15-year old Benjamin P. Wenzelberg, who began working on the score for this opera when he was 11. UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!

The all-adult cast was exceptional, especially Kate Oberjat as the Princess Rosamond, Lauren Flanigan as the Evil Wise Woman (who casts the spell) and Dominic Armstrong as the Prince.

As I was leaving the theatre my friend Jim Morgan, the York Theatre's Artistic Director, introduced me to Benjamin’s mother and I told her how much I enjoyed the opera and that she had every right to be proud of her young son. She seemed to appreciate my comments.

You know ... even this morning I am still processing the idea that a 15-year old could create a full opera and then have it performed before an audience at one of NYC’s outstanding theater venues.

When I was 15 my main concern was who was going to give me a cigarette and how was I going to keep my Mother, Ruby, from finding out that I was smoking.

So ... folks ... remember this name==>Benjamin P. Wenzelberg.

Now ... moving on ...

My entertainment event for today is another staged reading at The York Theatre ...

2:30==>COMMANDERS-IN-CHIEF - “After a chaotic rehearsal, 6 community volunteers stampede through a fund raising one-night-only tribute performance to our 44 presidents." (staged reading - free ticket)

This is also part of the Developmental Reading Series at The York Theater Company at The Citigroup Center on East 54th Street.

At the moment I haven’t anything scheduled for this evening ... so ... stay tuned.

Time to post this and then get ready to head out to the York Theatre ... 

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.51 miles (or, 9,875 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>167.30 miles (average 4.18 miles per day)

Billi Pod
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