Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sorry for Delay - St. Olif Choir - Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Saturday==>Sorry for the delay in this posting but for whatever reason your favorite blogger here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World, has been late in getting things started today.

Why ... I know you are asking your inner selves? Well, for one reason he didn’t get to bed last night until almost 3:00am ... yeah I know ... 3:00am ... had a late Broadway show, didn’t get back to the apartment until after midnight ... ate some pizza ... and then just messed around and ... tada ... it was 3:00am.

Woke up this morning at 9:00am and got immediately up ... but ... just haven't been in the mood to sit down in front of this ‘puter and get things started.

Well ... now I am ... so ... let’s get started ...

Yesterday was indeed an interesting day entertainment-wise ... so we will start with Billi Pod’s report cards on his diverse doubleheader ... beginning with ...

The concert at Carnegie Hall ... 

THE ST. OLIF CHOIR @ Carnegie Hall, this choir from St. Olif College in Northfield, Minnesota, is recognized internationally as a creative force behind America’s a cappella tradition.

What a talented group of college performers. They exuded energy and talent from the very beginning of the concert, which was a mixture of contemporary and classical pieces.

The a cappella sound coming from the stage was beautiful, almost surreal.

The first half of the program lasted 50 minutes and, unfortunately, I had to leave at intermission so I could hustle down to The Theater District to pick up my ticket for my 10:00pm show ... which was ...

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, this revival is now with its original star and co-creator, John Cameron Mitchell, as Hedwig a transgender punk-rock diva from East Germany, who is the survivor of a botched sex change operation==>A

From the moment John Cameron Mitchell came on stage he captured the audience and we remained in his clutches until the 90 minute running time was over. No doubt about it ... he is Hedwig, and you better believe it.

He has extended his run in the show through April 26th.

Lena Hall as Yitzhak, Hedwig’s love interest, is also outstanding. She won the 2014 Featured Actress Tony for this role. 

The show is highly energetic and that radiates into the audience.

To quote from the New York Times review ... Foulmouthed, electrically tuneful and furiously funny, with explicit descriptions of its title character’s bungled sex-change operation and erotic adventures” ... and that pretty much sums it up.

Billi Pod says==>you gotta see this show.

My discounted Actors Fund Benefit ticket was acceptable, in the 4th row of the front mezzanine.

As usual, Dian Crystal aka My Lady (with her friend Gail Breiterman) had a better seat ... in the rear orchestra, of course. 

It was 11:50pm when I left the theater, with a big smile on my face. The smile quickly faded, however, as I braved the freezing wind on my walk back to the apartment.

As I said ... it was late when I got back. Thank God I had some pizza in the ‘fridge.

It was a great entertainment doubleheader ... weather be damned. 

Moving on to today ...

Well ... first of all ... we had snow flurries in the late morning/early afternoon. At 1:30pm it is 32º, wind chill down to 25º. Manageable.

Tonight’s entertainment event is another classical music concert at Carnegie Hall ... 

7:00==>ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA @ Carnegie Hall - The program is:

Mendelssohn - Violin Concerto (performed by Anne Akiko Meyers);
Rameau - Orchestral Suite from “Les Boreades;”
Andres - “Word of Mouth” (World Premiere); and,
Schubert - Symphony No. 5
(concert - complimentary ticket)

This extremely talented group of musicians perform without a conductor. I have seen them on many occasions and they are always outstanding, so I am really looking forward to this concert.

In closing ... again ... sorry for the delay. 


Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.16 miles (or, 9,101 steps)

Total mileage for 2015==>155.00 miles (average 4.19 miles per day)

Billi Pod
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