Friday, May 3, 2013

Heading Out To Queens Tonight==>WTF??

Friday==>A big TGIF shout-out to all of my loyal and faithfull readers and followers, including you Worker Bees, out there in the hinterlands, boondocks and wastelands.

Your favorite blogger will start this posting with his report card on last night’s entertainment event, the classical music concert @ Carnegie Hall ...

AMERICAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA,  “Hungary Torn - recognizing the artistic victims and survivors of the Holocaust in Hungary."==>totally excellent.

The highlight of the evening for me was the performance by violinist Barnabas Kelemen of the World Premiere of a piece by Mihaly Nador, who died in 1944.

My comp. seat was also excellent, midway in the Dress Circle (3 levels up), on the aisle.

When the concert was over I walked back to PHC, ending a very good walking day. The stats are below.

Moving on ...

Today is an entertainment doubleheader ... starting with a staged reading ... 

3:00==>db - “A show about the infamous DB Cooper.” (staged reading - free ticket)

I will be seeing this with my theater-buddies Dian Crystal aka My Lady and Marty Kosarik aka Numnutz

When the reading is over Numnutz and I will head to the Port Authority subway station to catch the N train out to ... gasp ... and double gasp ... Queens. Yes ... that’s right my loyal and faithful readers and followers ... Billi Pod is going out to Astoria, Queens. WTF??

Now hold on everyone ... don’t panic ... take deep breaths and continue reading ...

We will be heading out to the Astoria Performing Arts Center to see ...

8:00==>BLOOD BROTHERS - “Willy Russell’s 1983 tear-inducing musical is about twin brothers separated at birth and their subsequent interwoven lives, one wealthy, the other poor.”
(Off Broadway - $9.00 TDF ticket)

This show ran for 24-years in London and had a successful Broadway run in 1993 starring Petula Clark along with real-life brothers David Cassidy and Shaun Cassidy.

I saw it twice on Broadway and then twice in London and totally love this show. When I learned it was being performed here I had to see it, even though it is being performed in the wilderness known as Queens.

Marty and I will catch a bite before the show and then basically explore the ‘hood a bit.

You know ... other than going to and from Manhattan to either JFK or Laguardia and a couple of games at Shea Stadium,  I don’t think I have spent any time in Queens.

Should be an interesting adventure.

Moving on ...

Tonight @ 7:05pm out at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built, The Yankees play the first of a 3-game series against Oakland.

Our ace CC Sabathia (4-2) will be on the mound for The Bombers vs. A.J. Griffin (2-2) for The A’s.

On ... yet another Yankee goes down. This time it is Joba Chamberlain, on the 15-day DL due to a strained right oblique. Dear God, when is it going to end? When??

On that happy note ... will end this posting.

Oh ... yesterday’s walking stats were pretty awesome and reflect the improving weather here in The Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World.

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>6.58 miles (or, 14,390 steps)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,434.85 miles 


Billi Pod
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