Monday, May 27, 2013


Monday==>It is a beautiful day here in the Big Apple, The Greatest City In The World - sunny and virtually cloudless with a temperature of a balmy 70ยบ @ noon.

I earlier posted about Memorial Day, so we will begin this posting with Billi Pod’s report card on last night’s excellent entertainment event, an Off Broadway show ...

BULL, two jobs and three candidates. A razor sharp play about office politics, set in a boxing ring==>A

This was 55 minutes of totally involving theater. The acting was amazing as the performers faced each other on a boxing ring-like stage that comes with a water cooler. The water cooler plays an important role in the climatic final scene.

Some of the audience is seated and some, like moi, had standing room tickets surrounding the stage. The house was full and we were involved from the opening moments until the end.

The show runs through June 1 and Billi Pod urges you to see it before it closes.

Tonight’s entertainment event is a classical music concert ...

7:00==>DISTINGUISHED CONCERT ORCHESTRA & CONCERT SINGERS @ Avery Fisher Hall - “Requiems for the Brave.” (complimentary ticket)

Also featured on the program will be The Patriot Brass Ensemble.

I have been privileged to see the Orchestra and Chorus perform several times this year and they are wonderful. The Chorus is 200+ strong and the stage at Avery Fisher Hall will be totally filled with singers and musicians. 

Looking forward to it.

Now ... how about a bit of sports for my buddy Marty aka What’s His Name? ...

Yesterday the Bronx Bombers and our titular ace, CC Sabathia, got ass-kicked, 8-1, by the Tampa Bay Rays down at that disgrace known as Tropicana Field.

 Rays pitcher Alex Cobb totally dominated the Wankies through 8-innings.

This was the fifth straight lackluster performance from CC and if he doesn’t get his shit together soon, we could be in deep dodo. Jus sayin ...

Tonight @ 7:10pm is the first game of the 4-game Subway Series against the Mets, 2-games at Citi Field and then 2-games at Yankee Stadium, The House That Greed And Ego Built.

On the mound for The Bronx Bombers will be Phil Hughes (2-3) vs. Jon Niese (3-5) for the Mets.

The season couldn’t be more different for the two teams. The Yankees (.612) lead the AL East while The Mets (.383) are in next-to-last place in the NL East, trailing Atlanta by 11 games.

So==>Bring it on!!

Will close out this posting with some expanded walking stats ...

Yesterday’s Pedometer mileage==>4.53 miles (or, 9,915 steps)

Total mileage for week==>34.83 miles (average 4.98 miles per day)

Total mileage since 7/1/12==>1,540.13 miles (average 4.67 miles per day)

Mileage remaining to reach 1,700 miles by 7/1/13==>159.87 miles


Billi Pod
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